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Loveing you so sweetly~ by EpicMickeyX
Loveing you so sweetly~
Based off much. 
This moment can sum up the best relationships OKAY? Stoic and his dearest are stand offish *cutting out spoilers* after seeing each other again, Stoic sings for her and they just open up like that. Both are showing immense love for eachother through a single song and dance that was probably their wedding song. IT'S THE MOMENT OF PERFECT EXAMPLES. 
Both start off unknowing of how to go about how they must act, reminding the other they still love the other just as much as the other allows them to open up and the touches become a gentle touch of 'I love you so much'

For Nero and Nanashi, things probably will never be easy for them, but they have eachother and even though at times they're at odds with eachother, they love eachother dearly. Nanashi would probably be the type of person to stay up late, waiting for Nero to come home from his work and will have kept dinner warm even waiting until he returned home so they can be together for meals. Nero would be the type of person who would probably clean up a bit if he can't sleep. Do Nanashi's chores for her and end up with a disgruntled lady love in the morning for over working himself and end up with her in his arms all over again because she can't stay mad. 

Each one balances out the other, they get the other to show the best of themselves. Nero when elated with her might play his best, when miffed at her he might not play at all because his patience is worn. Nanashi when comforted  may open up the most and tell him more than when she's upset with him. Each one holds the other up, it's a wondrous relationship. I can' t be perfect because error is needed to help the couple grow. Each obstacle over come is another growth for them that helps keep the love alive. 

So they'll fight, avoid, glare, contradict, shout, scream, rage, and cry every once in a while. The moods will dissolve and in the aftermath of another battle they'll still look into the other's gaze and see what they've always known. 
That they're loved. 

It also helps that the dance is centered on cradling the lady love and holding her close...BECAUSE NERO IS TALL...and his lil' Nanashi just fits right perfectly she does in his embrace. 

Well this has been another rant based off a sketch moment at nearly 2 am again...WHOO! Going for a record here~

But seriously...Nero and Nanashi...OTP...for the rest of my life most likely...
Nero - :iconoakfur422:
Nanashi - :iconepicmickeyx:
Remember the me, the way I used to be. by EpicMickeyX
Remember the me, the way I used to be.
"How desperate must a person be, for themselves to allow such consumption of the heart?"
"Bastards and widows if you ask me, otherwise I wouldn't know"
"What about that her? She looks to young to give it all up"
"Fuck if I know, she looks crazy, ain't she the one who got married to an outsider anyways? That just proves she's mental"
"I see...didn't she just pay for a funeral a ways back"
"Fuck...maybe she is a widow"

Wow...can't submit Nanashi being all "I'm thankful for Nero" and he blushes like a adorable dork. NOPE. You get this, Nanasshi dragging herself into a world of hatred and loneliness because people died. That ribbon though~

As her family's heirloom, it has to be cleansed upon full stainage, otherwise the bearer begins to consume the darkness there by consuming their heart. 
Nanashi gives no fucks. So therefore she will end up becoming a heartless in the long run, But look super boss while doing it. At this point she wanders, killing all in her path that want to stop her progression. Nero's death was uncanny and there was no body to perhaps she'll encounter his nobody. It's a slight chance she won't pass up. Her goal is to die, one way or another. 

KILL ME! I'mma go draw something adorable I stop making hateful things.…

Nanashi - :iconepicmickeyx:
Nero (he is mentioned) - :iconoakfur422:
Uniform assignment! by EpicMickeyX
Uniform assignment!
Bee and Puppycat references everywhere~
Just Nero hating the rabbit hoodie assigned on his uniform the temp job Nanashi picked up for them..
Nanashi's hoodie says something about cake...I think...I don't remeber
O//w//O Cute~
Nero :iconoakfur422:
Nanashi :iconepicmickeyx:
Tetrodotoxin Synthesizer no.2 (WIP) by EpicMickeyX
Tetrodotoxin Synthesizer no.2 (WIP)
Her name is even in kanji~
Nanashi Junshin is her birth name, it changed after her mom Re-married.
Without a name, sincerity. 
Is what it can be translated ROUGHLY; it's not very fitting at the beginning but it is later on in her life~
Did I mention she was Japanese in origin? Her grandfather being a wayward traveler from 'Ghibli worlds' until he settled in Hollow Bastion marrying Nanashi's late grandmother. I GOT HER WHOLE FAMILY PLANNED OUT ASIDE FROM NAMES.
I know her mother's maiden name is Koizumi...but other than last names No one has a first name yet~

YAAAY! Japanese things because Hollow Bastion house Final Fantasy characters which are created in Japan.
This song though! And the MMD Motion is…
=w= much adorbs Though the camera focuses on butts and crotches a lot...O_O
PROBABLY WILL BE NANASHI'S RELEASE VIDEO~ Because she'll be downloadable at some point...THE END OF RANT
Though the video is a duet~ :iconrinexcitedplz: Which means surprise stuff!

Gonna photoshop to the max! Plus I am tired and running on energy fruit juice...this explains all rambles that occur today, Just a heads up
Nanashi - :iconepicmickeyx:


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I forgot how jumping through hoops to solve Japanese puzzle question to download 1 FREAKING MODEL...Hurts my head and causes more stress than needed right now. I just need the model because he is male, there is a lacking of male models in the MMD community, therefore for this animation he is needed to prevent any weird voice acting.

WHY DOES THE PASSWORD HAVE TO BE A MASSIVE PAIN!? I know there are people who abuse the models but GOSH LEMMONY DAMN! Does it have to be several translations to get a hiragana then to romanji then to kanji, then to alien Klingon weird sh!t? Gaaah...I only brought MMD back because I'm doing a model project next semester, why is this so painful? Right it's almost 2 am...that's why.

Sorry for the rant...just letting any potential MMD peoples know, the Japanese passwords are pains in the ass, but good for keeping models safe~

Plus the models I'm making won't be guarded by 'Mr. Word games'...the Password file guard!
Nanashi models~ FOR DA WIN 


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Gold-Ignika Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014
Hey I know it's been ages on here and I am such an idiot for not staying on dA as much as I used to.

I would like to ask you though...are you alright in becoming the founder of :iconbluebloodexor-cist:?

I really need to step down because I know that I am going to have such a busy future (plus tumblr has taken my full attention there).

I will NOT delete my account though, but it's really going to be such a very very long time if I am to one day return on here and go on all the time again like I used to.

I am also on skype a lot too so I'm available for chat there.
EpicMickeyX Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I'd be honored! I haven't been active much because we haven't really planned anything so I kinda stepped back to see what would happen.

But I can take over! I spend a lot of time on DA due to me wanting to be an art student, so my college course won't interfere!

I'd be happy to take over so you can focus on schooling
(I've been more active here, I need to put time into skype too)
Gold-Ignika Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014
Okay I will switch things over. I am so sorry to put this on your shoulders but I've been away from AnE and Blood-C because of Free! (however i am keeping up to date on the AnE Manga and Blood-C is pretty much over sadly :( since they already dubbed TV and Movie) ^^; and now that BIONICLE is returning, I plan to do a BIG CROSSOVER PROJECT of BOTH FREE! x BIONICLE ;)

So in might get to see some wonderful stuff again finally in 2015 ;)
EpicMickeyX Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Awesome! I look forward to that.
I don't think it'll be a problem, I just hope that things pan out, I don't want to ruin your group QwQ
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NabarisYoite Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer

For the record, I'm a motherfucking gentleman XD
EpicMickeyX Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Alrighty then X3
NabarisYoite Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
(twerks) I am the King of Twerking
EpicMickeyX Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Nice, I have no idea how to twerk *shrugs* OwO
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Marjoriepop Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014
Thanks for the +fav Emoji32 
EpicMickeyX Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Your welcome ^^
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