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So me and Oakfur422 have to try and figure out a name for Nero and Nanashi's kid... 

3 deviants said Lysander
2 deviants said Alphonse
1 deviant said Finnick
No deviants said Leave a Suggestion? Though Oakfur422 narrowed it down to Lysander and Alphonse



It ‘feels’ surreal in many ways, like looking into a mirror and someone else looks back; a funhouse mirror perhaps, some distorted image that has replaced you in so many ways you just laugh and ignore it. Thoughts drowning on and on, how long had she been in this place, staring at a distorted mirror image, or perhaps she was the distorted image of the woman opposite of her? How hard was it to tell who was real? A blank canvas provided a backdrop, a white washed floor, and oozing, festering darkness lapped at the corners and edges of the room; the occasional plop as another piece infected and stained the white abyss.

                “How long are you going to stare at me?” the woman of opposite or origin tilted her head and uncrossed her legs, this place provided a place to sit at the least.

                “You’ve been rather quiet, it’s not like you” she continued to speak, a young women; perhaps in her early 20s, oriental in decent, a head of sloppily cut midnight, black hair followed by a stern gaze of hard set yellow eyes. Nanashi Lefevre, or at least what remained of the deceased woman. Nanashi had been dead almost a year it seemed, so the woman speaking in gentle tones either was a ghost, or a monster; the woman being questioned hoped for a ghost.

                “It’s not every day I see dead people in my head…” the other woman spoke coarsely, a hint of ‘anger’ laced in her words. The blonde, blue eyed woman of 22 or 23 in appearance was her not of her own will, but by that of Nanashi. You could say the woman in capture was also a ghost, a leftover piece of a person who didn’t want to die, this was Ximawari. Both women were connected of course by ghosts; haunting memories of happiness, despair, hope, hatred, and of course love were both shared equally. The women should be the same person, one born after the other in the image of the original; after all strong hearts don’t want to die.

                “Well it’s not every day I have to convince an imposter that the man she’s married too belongs to me” Nanashi smiled gently, a polite woman to be frank; she wouldn’t be as striking if it were not for the black ribbon tied neatly around her throat and the darkness clouding her veins. Nanashi was not a ghost as Ximawari had hoped, the woman was a heartless driven by memories trapped in a solitary ribbon both despised with reasons only know to the women.

                “Nanashi I’ve told already…you died…I’m your Nobody! Nero died…Roexn is his Nobody! You are not alive anymore!” Ximawari snapped ‘bitterly’. This conversation had been going on for what seemed like ages, Nanashi going in and out of sanity it seemed; the ribbon going in and out of docility and ferocity.

                “Ximawari, dearest you must understand I can’t sit by while you try to take what’s mine…If I were dead would we be hear talking?” Nanashi asked softly, as if scolding a child. Ximawari glared

                “The ribbon is baiting you! You’re not human anymore! You’re not a Somebody! Nana you’re a Heartless!” Ximawari stood ‘angrily’ and pointed at the emblem engraved on Nanashi’s chest.

                “You died! A heartless stole your heart and now you’re clinging to ideas that aren’t true!” Ximawari shouted trying to get through to Nanashi.

                “Xima…there is no need to shout…we’re the only ones here in your mind dear” Nanashi smiled sweetly at her, showing a bit of pointed teeth. Ximawari sighed heavily and glared at her

                “Nana…why are we hear?” she murmured sitting down.

                “To merge conscious…in my favor of course…I need your body as mine is decaying the darkness I consumed is killed me” she smiled again and Ximawari glared.

                “It doesn’t work like that Nanashi…I’m the one inhabiting this body” Ximawari sighed and looked ‘sadly’ at Nanashi. Nanashi stood

                “No it does work like that…the Darkness told me…I just need to shed this body and take over yours! Isn’t wonderful! Roexn won’t even have to know because I’ll love him just as much as you could ever hope too!” Nanashi giggled and leaned closer to Ximawari.

                “I know you’ve been having doubts about your marriage, and emptiness is filling you up, you want a child to fill it but it’s not that…you don’t love Roexn…you can’t love Roexn because he’s not yours to have” Nanashi smirked; Ximawari slapped her and shoved her away standing quickly.

                “How dare you!” Ximawari snarled at her, Nanashi was assuming too much, too much and too little all at once.

                “How dare…I?” she grinned “How dare you selfish, brat!” Nanashi hissed a tendril of darkness snaked towards her and grabbed Ximawari’s leg.

                “I have fought for the longest time to find my husband, I will not let some brat take him from me! I worked to long and too hard to find him!” another tendril grabbed Ximawari’s waist.

                “Why aren’t you squirming Xima?” Nanashi chimed, and tendril wrapping around Ximawari’s arm, a smirk playing across her lips. Ximawari was staring at Nanashi, the person she had once been, the word ‘Selfish’ playing across her mind.

                “You called me selfish…I find it strange Nanashi…” Ximawari smiled a bit at her “I even find it hilarious! It’s amazing to think that you of all people…called me selfish…when in fact you’re the selfish one…” she giggled a bit. Nanashi glared and tilted her head, the tendrils tightened and Ximawari began to laugh

                “To think I couldn’t accept you! Because of what we did! Because what I did! You think I’m selfish…” she held back a sob, ‘sadness’ was just over whelming memories but of course…they hurt.

                “I hurt him…we hurt him…He died and now…now I’m going to end up killing him again because he’s trying to save me from you!” Ximawari snapped ‘sadly’. Nanashi sighed

                “The ribbon won’t hurt him of course…Of course I wouldn’t hurt my husba-” Ximawari jerked at her.

                “He’s not your husband Nanashi! Nero is dead, he died protecting his home and we were too selfish to go with him! He died! Dammit Nanashi we killed him because we didn’t want him to go!” Ximawari cried. Nanashi seemed to freeze, the tendrils losing their grip

                “Shut up…” Nanashi mumbled darkly. Ximawari pulled on the tendrils

                “We killed him! Because we threw a fit! Because we wanted him to forsake his home! Because we were the selfish ones!” Ximawari grabbed Nanashi’s wrist and glared gritting her teeth. Nanashi pulled against her, eyes going wide.

                “You and I are both the selfish one here…we deserve to Die!” Ximawari shouted yanking on Nanashi’s arm pulling her close. Ximawari grabbed the ribbon with her free hand and screamed

                “I am done with this! I can’t take you in my head! I can’t take you telling me to cut! I can’t take knowing we destroyed our marriage! I can’t take it! I can’t let you take me away from him…he deserves better…don’t you think Nanashi?” Ximawari smiled, a katana point at Nanashi’s back ready to impale both of them.

                “Xima!” distorted shouting echoed through the room, Nanashi look at Ximawari mortified

                “You’re regaining consciousness…don’t do this! You’re going to die, both of us will!” Nanashi hissed and Ximawari grinned

                “Good! I don’t want to keep hurting him!” Ximawari cried and Nanashi lunged forward slamming Ximawari into the floor. Her face contorted in pain and something one could call sadness.

                “I ADMIT IT! I know we screwed up! I know I screwed up!” Nanashi snarled, slamming Ximawari into the floor again. Ximawari blinked and frowned

                “You…understand…?” Ximawari gasped a bit as Nanashi sobbed. Nanashi tried to slam Ximawari into the floor again and sobbed, inky black tears staining her cheeks.

                “I ruined everything! I fought him and he left angry and died! I killed him! I did this to him! I did this to you! I just…I didn’t want him to go…” Nanashi inhaled sharply and Ximawari wiped some of the tears away.

                “It’s our fault…I’m you remember…?” Ximawari forced a smile and Nanashi sobbed

                “I don’t want to lose him again…I need him…” Nanashi sniffled. Ximawari sighed

                “Nanashi…I’m here…you’re the emptiness I feel…the final piece of me is you…It’s not a lack of love for Roexn…it’s you…I need you to be complete in this existence…Nanashi you need to move on” Ximawari sat up and Nanashi backed away.

                “But then…I can’t find Nero…” Nanashi stood quickly “if I can’t find him…”

                “Nanashi he’s a part of Roexn…You can’t find him because he’s dead and gone…Roexn is what’s left of him…” Ximawari got up slowly, the ribbon having fused to her hand and worming up to her throat. Nanashi looked at the ribbon and herself

                “I don’t know how to shed the darkness…” Nanashi murmured and Ximawari smiled softly pulling her into a hug.

                “Nanashi I’ll take the brunt of it…Trust me just…you have to trust me” Ximawari hugged her tighter as Nanashi cried.

                “…I miss him…” she mumbled softly; Ximawari felt the ribbon tighten on her throat.

                “I know Nana…” she swallowed thickly as the familiar feeling of drowning in ooze returned to her. Nanashi exhaled lightly and pulled back

                “Ximawari…Thank you” Nanashi murmured and Ximawari forced a smile pressing her forehead to Nana’s; there wasn’t another way to this.

                “I want you to be at peace…” Ximawari smiled crookedly “When I wake up…I’ll feel at peace too…” Ximawari continued and Nanashi nodded to a degree.

                “Xima…the darkness won’t let go of you…” Nanashi frowned, the noise outside of their mind getting louder.

                “I know…but…I deserve this…You need peace and I need to pay…” Ximawari smiled again before gasping as if someone had knocked the air out of her lungs. The ribbon was unable to contain itself, the darkness was boiling over around her, and this is her punishment.

                “XIMAWARI!” Roexn was still trying? Why!? Ximawari looked up as a part of the mass was ripped away and Roexn looked back at her, panicked.

                “Xima!? Xima! You need to take my hand!” he cried shoving his hand forward, trying to keep the hole open.

                “Roexn…I did this…I…I’m sor-” Ximawari jumped as he snapped

                “I don’t care about that! I just want you safe dammit! Grab my hand now!” he demanded reaching for her. Ximawari teared up a bit

                “But I…I ruined everything! How can you still accept me!?” she cried and Roexn grabbed her arm and pulled, surprising her.

                “Because I can’t lose you Ever again!” he snapped pulling on her again, Ximawari stared at him wide eyed and he pulled her from the darkness. Ximawari landed on top of him, Roexn wrapped his arms around her tightly.

                “Xima…” he mumbled softly, holding her close; Ximawari froze as he sobbed.

                “Roexn…?” she asked looking at him strangely;

                “Why would you want to die!?” he demanded pulling back. The darkness was pooling, the ribbon was burst and breaking down; Ximawari was pulled away from looking at the ribbon back to Roexn.

                “Answer me Ximawari! Why would you try to do that! You tried to kill yourself….why!?” Roexn gripped her shoulder and shook her a bit. He was scared…and hurt…because of her.

                “…Because I cause you so much pain…” she mumbled softly; Roexn’s eyes widened and he slammed his forehead to hers startling her.

                “God dammit Xima I love you too much for you to do this again! Stop hurting yourself, stop thinking like this! If I thought all you did was cause my grief why would I try to stop you or stay!? Everything you do to hurt yourself is what hurts me!” he shouted. Ximawari listened, holding back cries. He pulled her close watching the darkness she had tried to contain seep into the ground of the battlefield, neither had expected Nanashi to appear on this mission…and to be honest he felt something long forgotten return. That longing that he ‘felt’ from time to time with Ximawari…now it was only Ximawari. He suspected that it was Nanashi herself…as she was speaking of being incomplete…Roexn buried his face in Ximawari’s shoulder, holding her tighter. Ximawari slowly hugged back, a pounding sensation in her chest, ears ringing from the shouting.

                “Roexn…” she mumbled, tears building up, she didn’t want to lose him either, she didn’t want to die or say goodbye!

                “Roexn!” she sobbed hugging him as tight as she could “I’m sorry! So sorry!” she sobbed over and over, he held her and rubbed her back soothingly. It was oddly warming, his wife feeling whole in some way he can’t explain.

                “Don’t ever…do this again…” he murmured pulling back from her, he frowned as she sniffled and dried her eyes, the color was different. The pale, baby blue was now something caught between a light green and the sky, Roexn smiled a bit and picked her up; intending to go home.

                “She missed him…” Ximawari spoke softly, Roexn nodded and opened a corridor

                “He missed her…” Roexn replied looking to her. His eyes widened when they betrayed him, the woman in his arms for a split second resembling a ghost of someone he’d loved dearly; Ximawari shared his look, the man she’d once promised everything to running through her memories before dying out. Roexn and Ximawari smiled softly at each other, feeling as complete as they while lacking a heart, though the surmised that there memories did well enough to help the feel undying ‘love’ and sentiment no one would dare question.

[OOS] Selfish...
Ittttt's Shiiittttttttt~

But angst at some point, I suck at this lol. Have a nice day it is time to sleep. *flops into bed*
Happy Birthday Oakfur422! by EpicMickeyX
Happy Birthday Oakfur422!

Familiaris are Combinations Of bats, corgis, and rabbits~, hence stubby legs big hind legs and huge ass ears!

And here is a Halloween Baby just for Oak! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! HOPE YOU LOVE THISSSS BUNCHESSS
Knowing the moment you go to ink... by EpicMickeyX
Knowing the moment you go to ink...
Your ability to draw will become so shitty...

Also Look at Ximawari and Nanashi being sad in shit!!!!


Just...MHHMHMHMHMHMH...I know I will hate you soon...
[OOS] Extra Mission: Recon! by EpicMickeyX
[OOS] Extra Mission: Recon!



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1. Pick one of your OCs.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal.

I was tagged by :iconever-so-jantly: who makes my fucking day everyday with her OC babies
All OC babies from friends make my day, LET ME LOVE THEM :iconrinexcitedplz:

For this Meme I will have my babies~ Nanashi, Cassidy, Finnick (the only one with a peony penis thing) Ximawari, and our lovely new addition who's app has yet to be complete, Hiromi.

1. What is your name?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: A-Ah!? Um...Hello...My name is Nanashi Junshin, well um, Maiden name atleast. I would appreciate it if you addressed me by my married name on you form though, Nanashi Lefevre
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Cassidy Snipes~ I would love to be your friend if you don't mind over excited rambling from me about my boyfri-
:bulletred: Finnick: Finnick Crosswell, that's enough about Him if you don't mind Cassidy, keep that to a minimum, Thank you
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Uuuhhhhhhh....Just call me Ximawari, I prefer not to speak my last name
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Eto Hiromi...But I'm sure you're just after my first name, I thought to be polite, just call me Hiromi please

2. Do you know why you were named that?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: mother wanted a boy and I am most certainly not a boy, she didn't want to give me a name so...I was given one meaning 'Nameless' in respectable terms
:bulletpink: Cassidy: No idea~ Mother thought the name was cute so Ta-da! I am Cassidy
:bulletred: Finnick: I am named after my great-grandfather, a past council man of high respect
:bulletblue: Ximawari: I was 'born' with this being derived from Himawari is the most I can piece together about it
:bulletorange: Hiromi: My mother said I was the most beautiful thing she had seen in a long time on the day of my birth, she wanted to tell the world of my beauty

3. Are you single or taken?
:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Happily married, so Taken.
:bulletpink: Cassidy: My heart belongs to someone, I can never take back my love, Taken.
:bulletred: Finnick: Single.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Married, happily of course, Taken.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Single, but looking for someone to compliment my...'Mood swings' I guess is a nice way of putting it.

4. Have any abilities or powers?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: *giggles* Like Super powers or Magic? I suppose a few, I am very good with a Bo Staff or Katana, as well as healing potions and Healing spells
:bulletpink: Cassidy: I control Gravity! It's amazing to communicate and ingrain myself into the nature of it!
:bulletred: Finnick: I too control Gravity, though not as Chaotic as Cassidy.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: I an skilled in short sword wielding, Gardening, Cooking, Cleaning F***ing my husband's brains out, and potion work, as well as Healing spells. *smiles*
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Sewing and Cosplay, acting too...Oh! and My kagune of course, it's on organ that sprouts out of my right shoulder, I use it to f**k sh*t up *straight faced stare* Also turn off that censor, it's such an Annoying sound *glares*

5. Stop being a Mary-sue!

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: I'm not Mary-Sue!? Who is that, is she a world traveler!?
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Who is that? Is she flirtatious? Does she like tall, skinny, silver-haired males? *dark, yandere look*
:bulletred: Finnick: This isn't a dating service right? Because I like being single...*nervous glancing*
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Is she nice? Or is she a bitch?
:bulletorange: Hiromi: That sounds like the bit- I mean, the young woman from work who keeps stealing my tips. *trying to keep composure*

6. What's your eye color?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Green, a rare color for me I guess as I am descended from what the worlds have deemed Japan in the Ghibliverse
:bulletpink: Cassidy: *staring at Nanashi, clearly confused* Are you an Alien? Or are all Japanese people aliens? Anyway, my eye color is Magenta or Pink~ As my god decided pink-eyed, green-haired, human knock offs were all the rage
:bulletred: Finnick: As I am the male of the species Cassidy and I are from, my eyes are red or darker magenta. We are not knock off we are the superior Species *glaring at Cassidy*
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Blue...not very uncommon for a blondie
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Mine are also blue. Not uncommon either I guess? However they're bright red and black with veins all over the place when I'm hungry or pissed off at my meals.

7. How about hair color?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Well my Husband would say it's a very dark shade of blue, like the night's sky or an October evening.
:bulletpink: Cassidy: It's green. *points at hair* Black when being poisoned by human pollutants.
:bulletred: Finnick: Dark green, also black in the presence of pollutants.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: It's blonde, kinda straw and yellow blonde too.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: It's black like my soul. *raises eye brows amused*

8. Have you any family-members?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: My husband and our two children, Nero, my husband, and then Lysander and Lilith. My mother I prefer no to speak with, nor my stepfather. My grandfather and grandmother have passed away, as well as my father. *stern expression*
:bulletpink: Cassidy: My mother and far as I know at least *shrugs* They kinda just send me money for food and bills.
:bulletred: Finnick: I'm not allowed home.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Just my husband...and Older 'Brother' Cal. But I do considered the Order my family.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Good for nothing, Amnesty Loving parents.

9. Oh? How about pets?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: My son's pet Dragon, Equinox...he's a....hassle to put it gently.
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Galaxias! My furry, fluffy, love muffin kitty cat!
:bulletred: Finnick:...None
:bulletblue: Ximawari: They're not allowed I suppose.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: I don't like animals, they're just as rabid as I am when I'm near starvation...Plus they piss and shit everywhere ((Foul mouthed Lolita...))

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: The darkness is something to be feared...but accepted as a part of everyone...I fear it the most as I have seen first hand what happens when people begin to drown in it.
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Bullies, and Jerks who assume I'm a whore. *looks at Finnick*
:bulletred: Finnick: Girls with short skirts thinking they won't be called a whore. *glaring at Cassidy*
:bulletblue: Ximawari: I agree with Nanashi...
:bulletorange: Hiromi:...People staining my dresses and ruining my shit.

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Potion making and Gardening!
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Reading...or spending time with my Boyfriend, also playing with time.
:bulletred: Finnick: Reading and Studying *Cassidy coughs "nerd"*
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Gardening and mixing potions for the order
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Cosplaying as a Lolita girl to make money, also would you accept killing as an answer? Netflix is pretty cool too though.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Let's not talk about that please. *grows quiet and fidgety*
:bulletpink: Cassidy:...In the tournaments I have, it's terrifying knowing I could crush them if I wanted too...I don't like it, I don't want him to see as a killer...
:bulletred: Finnick: Once...and it was the biggest mistake I ever made.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: We do what we must to survive I guess, I will do anything to protect my family so yes, I have hurt people and creature alike.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Bitch, I eat people, I hurt them any chance I get to appease my appetite; everyone here is suddenly sad and mopey but Jeeeeez quite whining, it's just people. *glaring at the group*

13. Ever... killed anyone before?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: I asked you politely, please don't bring up things like this *pale, sickened look*
:bulletpink: Cassidy: No...gods no...
:bulletred: Finnick: No, I would never have gone that far...
:bulletblue: Ximawari: If I must.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: A girls gotta eat. *smirks at the group, clearly alarmed at the behavior*

14. What kind of animal are you?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Human?
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Gravity Shifter I guess? you want my Spirit animal?
:bulletred: Finnick: *shrugs* Gravity Shifter?
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Humanish? I am a Nobody and I look human, so I guess...Human? *confused look*
:bulletorange: Hiromi: I'm a ghoul...

15. Name your worst habits?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: I don't have any bad least...not anymore.
:bulletpink: Cassidy: I really, really like the idea of Sex, I pester my boyfriend a lot about it, also I am apparently super annoying when trying to make friends.
:bulletred: Finnick: Reading is a healthy well-rounded habit if I do say so myself, but I don't have any bad habits *Cassidy shakes her head 'no'*
:bulletblue: Ximawari:....Well an old habit has come back to haunt me...I fear for my husband more than myself.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: I guess the cosplay is a bad habit, after all my mother loved to dress me up like a little 'doll' and the cosplay is just nothing but baggage and memories...*empty expression before glaring with a smirk* But another bad habit is the frequent consumption of fat ass, rich, sodomizing bastards from the upper crusts of my new-found home town. I'm gonna get fat...

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi:...My husband in so many ways...there are too many to count...
:bulletpink: Cassidy: My Chronomancy Professor...he's amazing with what he does.
:bulletred: Finnick: *blushes a bit* Ah...Just Cressida.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Superior Nexias...she's just an incredible woman *smiles proudly*
:bulletorange: Hiromi: No one at all.

17. are you Gay,  Straight, or Bisexual?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi:....This is sudden...ummm...Straight, I rather like what my husband has in his pants *bright, red cheeks*
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Wellll....I do love my boyfriend but I do admit some of the girls on campus are cute, but I still like the peony so Straight with hints of Bi.
:bulletred: Finnick: Straight...
:bulletblue: Ximawari:....Straight? I mean...What my husband has is ungodly, we have to by an obscure size condom brand dubbed 'Penis Monster' so I would straight because it's the best part of my evening when he's in the mood.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: I guess I could swing either way, girls are cute and lovable; while boys like to put things in places they can't touch yet. *winks at Finnick*

18. Do you go to school?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: I'm a graduate from KHA I have finished school *smiles brightly*
:bulletpink: Cassidy: I go to Otherworlde Academy, I may have to drop out soon which sucks...
:bulletred: Finnick: Otherworlder Academy as well...I'm doing my best to keep up...
:bulletblue: Ximawari: No, I'm also a graduate but the paperwork was lost, I don't need to go back to school.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Thinking of going to college, I was home schooled until I was 18, it wouldn't hurt to get a degree or some higher knowledge.

19. Ever wanna marry and have kids one day

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: I am married and have 2 children already, So I am ahead of the rest I suppose; Besides Ximawari of course.
:bulletpink: Cassidy: I've already made plans to be married! It's going to be the best day of my life I think...though the prospect of children is also amazing...I really want a son, and maybe a little girl.
:bulletred: Finnick: I'm not sure as of right now...
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Married, I'm working on convincing my husband a child would be a good thing, but he's nervous...and we would need the superiors approval.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: I love the concept of it know what, never mind, it is not anyone's fucking business what I want from my life.

20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: No?
:bulletpink: Cassidy: No, unless you count Cressida who likes to study my species
:bulletred: Finnick: NO.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: No.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: All of the fucking boys love me, even if they haven't met me yet *grins*

21. What are you most afraid of?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Losing my family...If I lost my husband or one of our little ones...I couldn't bare it...
:bulletpink: Cassidy:....Leaving him alone...he's a reaper so granted he'll outlive me, and potentially our children...I'm so afraid of what he'll become or what will happen to him.
:bulletred: Finnick: I fear the loss of life or losing who I am to what I want to become...((Cryptic much?))
:bulletblue: Ximawari: I can't lose my husband again...I fear that the most, even  above the potential threat of losing everything to the darkness...
:bulletorange: Hiromi: I fear my family's wishes for me...I don't want to be granted amnesty I want a freedom no one else can give me...Don't look at me like that, I don't want your damn sympathy. *gets up* Fuck it, I'm done being polite, work sucked so let me get out of this dress, being nice is going to shit anyway. *leaves*

22. What do you usually wear?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Sweaters, tank tops, skirts, pants, sandals, converse...Lingerie when the occasion calls for it *flushes and hides her face*
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Skirts, dresses, dress shirts, and fancy shoes~ Also my new outfits which consist of tank tops and crop tops.
:bulletred: Finnick: Designated uniforms and some casual things I suppose.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Dresses and my custom coat, also sometimes nothing if the moment is perfect and my husband is in the mood.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: *returns in a baggy t-shirt and jeans* I dress my self in fine ass bitch Lolita dresses when I'm feeling fab as fuck and then when I don't give a fuck I throw on a ratty ass shirt and jeans. That what you wanna here? *sits back down and ruffles her hair*

23. What's one food that tempts you?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: my husband makes wonderful sweets, though I'm not a fan of sugar but my husband knows how to balance out the sugar with a little salt. The best thing he's made for me though was this brownie with caramel and salt and pretzel bits when I was pregnant with Lilith...I was wanting salt but also sugar...and pretzels...
:bulletpink: Cassidy: I love candy, but food-food I love hamburgers with double the cheese and double the pickles. 
:bulletred: Finnick: My guilty food is chocolate, I want it quite a bit as my home does not work with chocolate, just sugar.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Anything Roexn always tastes so good when he makes it, my housewife husband *she snickers*
:bulletorange: Hiromi: I love politicians, they taste so good, like a mixture of bitterness and embezzled fat ass.

 24: Am I annoying you?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: To be honest, yes but don't take it personal, I'm on a time crunch it's my turn to pick the kids up from school.
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Pfffffft, No! You're a potential friend!
:bulletred: Finnick: Very much so.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: I'm not really sure, quite possible you are being annoying but I'm not sure yet.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Fuck yeah you are, you should fuck off so I can go eat.

25. Well, it's still not over!

:bulletgreen: Nanashi:...I have to pick my kids up soon...
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Awesome!
:bulletred: Finnick: *frowns* Great...
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Oh, ok?
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Fuuuuuuccccck.

26. What class are you? (low class, middle class, high class)?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi:...Middle to High? My husband and I both have good paying job and we own the place of employment...
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Ahhhh....Middle? I'm not sure if my society has classes...
:bulletred: Finnick: High class, I come from good genetics and a wealthy family. *smirks at Cassidy*
:bulletblue: Ximawari: I get paid well for a nursing High?
:bulletorange: Hiromi: I came from a high class life but I have to live in a shitty low class apartment.

27. How many friends do you have?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: family is pretty introverted though I do have good friends. *smiles lightly*
:bulletpink: Cassidy: I have plenty! Some may be imaginary though! *excited grin*
:bulletred: Finnick: I don't have many *frowns*
:bulletblue: Ximawari: The order is all of my closet friends and family *smiling* 
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Not really...I guess? I don't need them.

28. What are your thoughts on pie?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Mince meat pie is good, dessert pies are ok I guess?
:bulletpink: Cassidy: I love all pies! They taste so good, and I make some pretty tasty ones too!
:bulletred: Finnick: Pie...?
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Roexn makes a wonderful cherry pie...
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Fucking gross, why even ask that?

30. Favorite drink?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Tea and Milk...they're very good mixed as well.
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Soda! It's so bubbly and fizzy~
:bulletred: Finnick: Water.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Tea and Coffee~
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Coffee is the best thing on this fucking planet to drink.

31. What's your favorite place?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Any where is fine as long as I am with my family...*grins*
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Uuuhhhhh...I love Outer space, I wish I could live there with out dying!
:bulletred: Finnick: No where in particular...
:bulletblue: Ximawari: The castle, I love it there as my family is there.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Any where but my shitty ass apartment.

32. Are you interested in anyone~?

[Bullet; Green] Nanashi: No, I have my husband, he has all of me, I would never be unfaithful.
[Bullet; Pink] Cassidy: My eyes are on my boyfriend and his fine assets...meaning...everything about him is amazing...especially the private bits.
[Bullet; Red] Finnick: is a girl I like...kinda...I think *flushes*
[Bullet; Blue] Ximawari: No, my husband is my my everything...
[Bullet; Orange] Hiromi: There is someone, he's a stupid dickhead fuck nugget who tells stupid jokes and is more interested in getting into my panties...*blushing cutely* But...he's also very nice I guess...

33. If you're a girl, what's your cup size? If you're a guy, how big are you?

[Bullet; Green] Nanashi: B *embarassed*
[Bullet; Pink] Cassidy: B~ And they're very squishy
[Bullet; Red] Finnick: *looks a crotch confused* Uhhhhh....Big enough to please a woman?
[Bullet; Blue] Ximawari: B-B...*embarassed*
[Bullet; Orange] Hiromi: Big enough to make all these bitches cry....*crosses arms hiding the fact they're just Bs*

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

[Bullet; Green] Nanashi: Either works for me~! Both are very fun!
[Bullet; Pink] Cassidy: All of the water! It's amazing I can swim anywhere
[Bullet; Red] Finnick: A bath tub. The oceans and lakes of the world are so polluted.
[Bullet; Blue] Ximawari: Anywhere is fine...
[Bullet; Orange] Hiromi: I guess the ocean, it's pretty and the salt is exfoliating for my skin so I prefer the ocean.

35. What's your type?

[Bullet; Green] Nanashi:...Nero?
[Bullet; Pink] Cassidy: A nice guy with a good heart and caring personality...who can put up with me.
[Bullet; Red] Finnick: I cute girl who is ok with who I am.
[Bullet; Blue] Ximawari: Roexn.
[Bullet; Orange] Hiromi: A guy who will let me be me and accept me; hold me close and tell me how much he loves me and takes care of me and won't judge me for who I am...and he has to be easy on the eyes but also good in bed.

36. Any fetishes?

[Bullet; Green] Nanashi: A-A-Ahhhaa? Why wou-would you ask such a personal question!? *hides fetish notebook*
[Bullet; Pink] Cassidy: I've been enthralled with the Idea of tentacles coming into play but neither of use is a tentacle monster.
[Bullet; Red] Finnick: *turns bright red and hides face*
[Bullet; Blue] Ximawari: I like it rough and satisfactory for both myself and Roexn...also I enjoy sex in strange couches or kitchens...
[Bullet; Orange] Hiromi: I'm not really sure, I mean I've had sex....? *lying*

37. Seme or uke

[Bullet; Green] Nanashi: I like to be the Seme every once in a while...but normally Uke.
[Bullet; Pink] Cassidy: Seme...I like to be dominated and in control but...Shiloh makes me an Uke...he's good...
[Bullet; Red] Finnick: *bright red and quiet*
[Bullet; Blue] Ximawari: Uke, Roexn likes being on top...but sometimes I'm on top calling the shots but I'm still the Uke...
[Bullet; Orange] Hiromi: You're a fucking perv...*flushes* Uke...

38. Camping or indoors?

[Bullet; Green] Nanashi: Camping! But Nero likes the indoors!
[Bullet; Pink] Cassidy: Both I am ok with~
[Bullet; Red] Finnick: Indoors, please nothing outside.
[Bullet; Blue] Ximawari: I'm not really sure...I'm not much of a camping person but I like the outdoors.
[Bullet; Orange] Hiromi: Indoors, keep that nasty ass nature away from me.


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