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[OOS] Mission II: Sample Gathering... by EpicMickeyX
[OOS] Mission II: Sample Gathering...

"So little flower, you're just really vain. You don't particularlly care if I sing for you or not you just want to hear something that makes you sound good? Well you're magnificent!" Ximawari continued complimenting the plant...while Nexias observed, sitting behind her. Ximawari had asked if the wedding was approved and she had agreed...just one though nagged at Nexias, she made a rather confused expression
"Does....Roexn know you do this...?" Nexias questioned. Ximawari turned smiling and nods collecting a few golden specks in a glass jar.

Nexias is referring to Ximawari's habit to talk to plants...She's crazy about them SHE LOVES THE PLANTS....Less than Roexn but still...O_O

Nexias :iconoakfur422: I butched the beautiful boss lady.....forgive meeeee.
Ximawari :iconepicmickeyx: FORGIVE MEEEEEEE.

Long Ears... by EpicMickeyX
Long Ears...

River is a Spy...She's hired for jobs not many people will take into account.
Yutu - The Jade Rabbit, is a demon summoned from the Jade Mirror and has become the target of River's boss.
Things go horrible wrong when River discovers Yutu is mute and is only able to communicate through thought when he touches people. Yutu in chinese literally means Jade Rabbit. SO him being a demon from another world sounded hella boss that and he becomes the Yulong when pissed.
Yulong means Jade Dragon, So when you Yutu NAMES! YES.

River was an Adopt by :iconwannyan:
Yutu/Yulong was an adopt by :iconoakfur422:
[OW] ELM 204: Windy Hugs... by EpicMickeyX
[OW] ELM 204: Windy Hugs...
The wind has grown rather fond of Cassidy...even though she still talks....alot

Cassidy looked thoughtfully at her assignment, it was a little strange but certainly better than the last assignment with the human sport of…FOOTBALL? What did that even mean? FOOTBALL? Surly humans were too stupid to take a bunch of feet and squish them into a ball…then again…Cassidy shook her head; I’m getting off topic. She looked up at the board again, determined to get a good assignment this time go.

   Assignment: A test! Can you really break one of the rules of Chronomancy? Try to replace your past self.</b>

        How interesting, an assignment to try and replace herself in the past. Cassidy grinned excitedly, standing to prepare herself. She couldn’t remember how she had been a few years ago, she figured to visit herself as a young girl, as to prevent herself from fighting back. If the younger Cassidy couldn’t counter her rifts then it would so much easier to crush her and take her place. Cassidy straightened her dress and pulled her hair back; she tapped her enhancer and looked at her Professor clearly excited. The spell was cast and it wasn’t even a few seconds later that she was standing, starkly in a room. Chronomancy magic always made her a little off kilter when the spell was finished but she oriented herself and began making her way about. Getting to her home town was a cinch, shifting the gravity to the right amount made a perfect, easily patchable hole. Easily patchable for her species of course, they lived near the center of Earth, they weren’t ones to leave giant holes open that lead to their city.
It took maybe 20 minutes at falling speed with some added force with a gravity rift before she had to slow to a stop; hovering over her home town she smiled. The surface transports would be leaving soon, the little Cassidy would be on one of them, heading to the human school. It was early morning as the trip on a surface transport usually takes 4-5 hours to go up; Cassidy flitted over to the station and landed not too far from it as to not raise suspicions. A little girl passed by and Cassidy’s chest tightened, it was herself; only smaller and younger. The younger Cassidy was dressed in a skirt and pressed shirt with a little sweater over the shirt. The beat up sneaker showed however the lack of funds behind her, they were duck tapped and patched. Cassidy looked at her own shoes and frowned, since getting her powers…she had never really needed to buy shoes so often…the little Cassidy walked everywhere. Cassidy fell into line waiting for transport boarding, the little Cassidy had an old back pack in hand, the straps were broken, and she was looking at a book that was worn; a library book. Cassidy smiled gently, she remembered the book, it was a high reading level, not even suited for a child! It was an H.P. Lovecraft book that had baffled her; how could the author know of people in the Earth!?
       Cassidy tailed her for most of the day, following the younger version of her discreetly. The moment they had hit the human surface, the little girl sleeping in a bus seat all by her lonesome and Cassidy cringed as the polluted air particles flooded the vents. Cassidy hated that, her eyes always itched when the copper deposits condensed leaving her eyes a pretty blue color with redish flakes floating about the iris. The color of black her hair turned was also something less than desired. It was a few hours before the little Cassidy emerged from the hateful school building; the older Cassidy fell into step with the small girl as she took the long way to the descending station. It had been a long day as the little girl was dragging her feet tiredly; Cassidy briefly wondered how she had done this for so long without dropping dead from lung problems.
       Cassidy shifted a bit and a rift began to form, the younger version of her turned abruptly and stared wide eyed at…well herself. Cassidy froze, the younger girl was in tears, it always hurt to come to the surface, especially the younger Gravity shifters…their eyes constantly itched and burned from the condensed copper and their lungs were always raspy with the harmful chemicals. Cassidy frowned deeply; increasing the rift on the smaller girl as she did so. It was two times the gravity, a little more and the girl’s body would betray her, the smaller Cassidy looked at her sadly with a jagged smile. Cassidy froze; the rift closed with a soft pop. The smaller girl looked at her fearfully and Cassidy smiled
        “It’ll get better…I promise…whatever path you on is just fine y’know?” Cassidy spoke gently offering her hand. The smaller girl looked at her with sad eyes;
        “I’m sorry for scaring you…” Cassidy trailed off and she watched the little her come closer. Cassidy frowned as the reality fizzled; she pulled back, looking at the surroundings.
         “You should get home…don’t want to miss the bus right?” Cassidy grinned and the younger girl nodded
          “Thank you Miss” it was quiet, but Cassidy caught it. She flittered up and undid her time spell finding herself back in class, she looked to her professor
          “I couldn’t really kill her…she was like a kicked puppy” Cassidy said bashfully.
[OW] CHR 201: Finale~

Wut... by EpicMickeyX
Yeah, I don't know....I've never Seen Free.

I don't own that screen shot btw...
I'm just waiting for peoples



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So I made a awful thing

Wed Mar 18, 2015, 7:09 AM

Like it's shitty but at the same time, NOT shitty.

:star: Say Hello to my new watchers :star:


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