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*To note any updates to her abilities will not be added to her sheet, you will have to ask about changes*

Cassidy's Health: She is rather good health it will take a few well placed hits to get her to yield.
Cassidy's Stamina: She highly energetic so she can do numerous attacks with her natural abilities as well as her skills learned from school.
Cassidy's Strength: She able to withstand high gravitational pulls as well high heat and pressures. She a pretty strong gal.

Cassidy's Abilities:

     Expert Gravity Shifter: Cassidy's natural born abilities are her strongest. She can rift the gravity of herself, Surrounding Areas, and that of her opponents. She can increase or decrease gravity to either make the area weightless or to a point the area is under so much force it will crush the opponent. She can focus the rifts onto her opponents as well and solely affect them, her range is fairly good and it's harder to stay hidden when the area is being affected by a rift.

     Advanced Chronomancy: Cassidy loves Chronomancy, she's currently advanced with it though she is ready for expert classes, she takes some to help her with skill sets she would like. However that being said her skill set is already rather diverse in Chronomancy, she knows how to slow time as well as fast forward time on others, and she does have knowledge in the theory of loopholes and time travel.

     Intermediate Windmancy: The wind gets along with her best as Cassidy's a windy, free flight kind of spirit but the wind is most easily controlled and communicated with.

     Intermediate Watermancy: Water is a little harder to talk to but she has an understanding with it, she can thoroughly use it but it's very consuming trying to work with on short notice, she has a tea cup of infinite water as well that might come in handy on the battle field.

     Energymancy: She just beginning to learn about it so beware of crazed lighting bolts sent towards opponents, they might stray into the crowds watching.

Offensive: Cassidy can do a variety of things for offense, Drowning, Crushing, Suffocation, Lifting and dropping, biting, kicking, scratching, hitting, Slowing down time, advancing opponents internal clock painfully, and also skipping back time after finding out what is about to happen.

Defensive: Cassidy can change gravity to put herself out of harms way if she sees it necessary, either lifting herself up or building up a gravitational force to block or shift attacks away. She can use Chronomancy to look into the future and predict attacks but that leaves her open so she must go on defense to use it.

Fighting Styles: Cassidy is a get in and get is done type, she will attack first and she will not hesitate. Cassidy is not one to use a pattern and will fight with recklessness but then again she may resort to a pattern if the opponent seems to outmatch her or outwit her.

*If there are any questions, Let me know!*
[OW] Cassidy Snipes (Year 4) by EpicMickeyX
[OW] Cassidy Snipes (Year 4)
Name: Cassidy Snipes
Height 6 FT
SpeciesGravity Shifter
Species DescriptionBeings with the astounding ability to change any Gravity fields within range, Species has a range of pinkish red eyes, green hair and pale skin, Built stronger than their distant cousins (Humans) and can withstand up to 3X Earth's Gravity. Their species' home is located close to the center of the Earth, a big pocket in the mantle often overlooked by science as the heat permeates the area evenly.
Her species itself has dated back to the Greek times, their origins are a mystery but they do have an interesting religious practices as they observes all holidays from any religion and believe in many, many gods; However one Octopus-like God is their ruling Deity. 
The original Species name has been lost in translation over time as the language of old has been lost to more wide spread ones. Such as English or Spanish, or any number of modern day languages.
  • Rifting Ability has Strengthened - Creates 3-6 Rifts (Large ones 20 minutes, Small ones 5-10 minutes)
  • Near Perfect Sense of Balance
  • Reduced Light (Aura) in Gravity rifts allow her to levitate longer than normal rifts should allow (25- 30 Minutes)
  • Cassidy has learned both Windmancy and Watermancy so she could move on to Energymancy, She is rather good at both but sometimes it's hard to focus
  • Chronomancy is her best subject, she is now at the Expert level. Slow time is her best quick fire spell it seems.

Academic Information
Level: Expert
  • CHR 204
  • CHR 303
  • ELM 304
Passed CoursesCHR 103, CHR 104, CHR 101, ELM 101, ELM 204, CHR 201, CHR 203, CHR 302, ELM 202
Experience737 (I don't know If I am supposed to add the EXP from CHR 302)

Personal Information
  • Autumn
  • Classical Piano
  • Sweet Foods
  • Smell of Rain
  • The Wind
  • Making Friends
  • Bubble Crystal, or Affectionately named: Space Rock!
  • Bullies
  • Fire
  • Planets with Stronger Gravity than she can withstand
  • Running
  • Fighting
  • Loud Noises
  • Spicy/Salty Foods

    She's very good with trajectories and estimations for usage of Gravity rifts; very talkative and easily approachable, intelligent mind with fast processing. Plays it safe with her abilities insuring safety for fellow classmates and others. 


    Her talkativeness often leads to people believing her to be annoying and idiotic; being easily approachable means she's too trusting of others. Self Loathing occurs if she fails at her work or is chided by others. Her limitations are set in her mind, very hard to break from them.

  • Prove her Worth
  • Marry Shiloh after graduation, move to Italy, have a family.
  • Observe and become a 'World Witch' to her people.
  • Loss of Ability
  • Death
  • Pitch Black Darkness
  • Loneliness
  • Being Hated
  • Being Forgotten
  • Losing Shiloh

  • Kind and Caring
  • Polite
  • Outgoing
Cassidy is extremely kind to others more than to herself, Needs of others come before hers. She never asks for too much and only takes when she believes she'll need in the end result; desires to be friendly with everyone in hopes of never being lonely or forgotten by society. She's excitable, kind-hearted, caring, snippy (when angered), Beats around the bush most of the time, Selfless, Nervous (On occasion). Cassidy does everything in her power to see everyone happy.


Cassidy was a late bloomer in her culture's standards, by a good 9 years. Most Gravity shifters gain their powers at age 6, Cassidy gained hers at age 15. Her parents let her be until her powers manifested, she was left to her own devices after her 6th birthday while her parents worked on a plea for another child. She attended a human school of her own accord and learned on her own and was amazed to find that Outer Space had no Gravity; Outer space became one of her favorite things as she believed she was similar to it having no purpose other than existing. At age 10 she decided that her parents had to acknowledge her, their plea for another child failed after 4 years of begging. Cassidy was forgiving of them and in turn they treated her kinder than before, she still took care of herself as they were always away on business. Around her 15th birthday Cassidy created her first gravity rift, leading to a catastrophe as she released it in the human world crushing 3 cars in the process.  Cassidy upon gaining her powers requested to attend the Academy strictly for Gravity Shifters and was rejected for not having the know how to use the shifting ability naturally from age 6 like the rest of the applicants. Being a late bloomer was unacceptable to the Council and she decided that she'd rather attend a mixed school than just one filled with others just like her.

Upon entry Cassidy didn't really know who to become or how to act, rather energetic and loud she had trouble making friends. Though she talked with many, it was hard to make friends as they either were older or higher in grades, being partnered with Shiloh in CHR 101 gave her a good incite she needed to calm down and be a little quieter. 

Misc. Information:
  • Has a Photographic Memory, Never need to study
  • In her attempts to make friends, she may become very insistent and follow said person of potential friendness (Still does this)
  • Her cat, Galaxias is a finicky creature, don't pick her up, pet, love, cuddle, or feed unless you ARE Cassidy. 
  • Believes Gravity to be a living thing

Character Relationships
Bullet; Green - Likes | Bullet; Black - Dislikes | Bullet; Blue - Unsure | Bullet; Yellow - Interested By | Bullet; Purple - Saddened By | Bullet; White - Fearful Of | Bullet; Pink - Crushing On | Bullet; Red - Love |

Shiloh Gilcrest Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red - ALL OF THE LOVE. Cassidy was surprised to find that Shiloh has the potential to be a Reaper but over time she finds that she can't really exist with out him. He calms her energetic tendencies and finds him that being her polar opposite is just fine with her, though she doesn't know how to express her love without hurting him. Being cautious with him mentally and physically (As is not to crush him with a rift when he sets her heart a flutter) is her top priority, she wants him to be the happiest as well as healthy. Recent events brought on her confession as well as his, plans have been made that after graduation they should move to Italy and get married and possibly start a family.

Finnick Crosswell - Bullet; BlueBullet; PurpleHe acts very strange around her it's a little sad knowing that he's had a crush on her for a few years and she rejected everything he felt.
Roleplaying Preferences
Prefer Notes, Chatroom....SKYPE is a new one and I love it too, so Skype works too~

Script Sample
Cassidy: Shiloh had been waiting some time by now, she didn't want to worry him but Finnick had stopped her in the hall and brought up her breathing problems he was taking notice of. He brought up Shiloh's potential future...he had read up on Reapers apparently...*Cassidy glares at Finnick but he snickers* "What's wrong, don't like the idea that the person you love the most....will be the person who hurts you the most?" *Finnick let's got and turns on his heel snickering, Cassidy breaks down careful not to mess up her makeup, she still had to meet Shiloh for dinner once she calmed down*
Lit Sample
Cassidy rolls over, having kicked her covers off sometime in the night. It was a little Chilly but it was manageable, her tank top and shorts were a little loose but they were fine for sleeping. She crawled out of bed and looked to the window and grinned "Snow!?" She raced over to the window and grinned excitedly, opening it up without a second thought and rifting down. The snow burned her skin with it's icy temperature but she flopped into a nearby mound and giggled happily. Rolling a few yards of so landed her looking up at Shiloh's room, he was staring at her mortified. She laughed happily at his reaction before burrowing in the snow again.
[OW] ELM 202: Infinite Tea cup... by EpicMickeyX
[OW] ELM 202: Infinite Tea cup...
So the use of a Curse word I thing is ok...I put the label So I don't get yelled at.

In Cassidy's sleepy state she had managed to make a cup of tea, her thoughts on her Elemental assignment. She wondered how exactly to make an infinite source of water, she sipped a bit of the tea and smiled "Ah! Multiply the molecules of the water using a multiplication or an influential spell on the water that sparks a reaction creating the infinite source!" Cassidy grinned before water soaked her lap and she dropped her cup onto the table watching the cup over flow, taking the tea with it.

Cassidy :iconepicmickeyx:

[OW] PTS 101: Happiness? by EpicMickeyX
[OW] PTS 101: Happiness?
To note, Cassidy consumed all of my time, so I gave up a little with Finnick, Don't hate me.

Finnick :iconepicmickeyx:



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