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Dragon Girl and Apprentice by EpicMickeyX
Dragon Girl and Apprentice
Apparently I spelled apprentice right...oops...
Anyway, this sketch is much better, Nanashi looks more wild and crazy compared to the mellow, lanky, tall boy :3
Pretty much~ Nero is an Apprentice Blacksmith who wanders a bit too deep into a circus crowd (hating crowds and noise in general) its out of character for him. He stumbles on to a show not show on any of the posters titled 'Dragon Girl' and low and behold he sees a young woman breath fire. Nanashi had been imprisoned, she thinks Nero can help, yada yada yada, chains are enchanted to never break so Nero has to learn smithing magic to free her and go on an adventure...OuO This might actually become something a bit more with other characters later...probably not but meh

Nero :iconoakfur422:
Nanashi - Me
Dragon Girl Nanashi by EpicMickeyX
Dragon Girl Nanashi
O~O I swear to god...I hate this...The space in between her legs is like a god damn canyon! FU BRAIN. Anyway I'll try again tomorrow...throw Nero in because this is another AU where magical stuuf happens and Nero is human for once where as Nanashi is a person that can turn into a dragon...Now excuse me while I got smack my wrist on the floor uttering curses...


*Edit* Ah, Sorry if that sounded mean or anything, I've had a long day and a bit frustrated that it ended with only getting Nanashi sketched out and looking nothing like I had pictured, I didn't even try the sketch for Nero, Sorry if that sounded rude I'm just really mad at my wrist and my brain

Sorry again! I just really like when character sketches come together and this...this is utter meeeeeh
So I'mma try again tomorrow! This time with both Nero and Nanashi if its ok with you Shanna, since I was kinda meanish earlier
Sorry ;w;
Are you ready to accept yourself? by EpicMickeyX
Are you ready to accept yourself?
WELL THEN...Somebody at school brought up how Nanashi should secretly know how to use a Katana because a stick didn't seem like a very good heirloom. So it occurred that the heirloom could be the ribbon around the staff and that the REAL weapon was a sword that she had to be willing to give up fighting like a peacekeeper to wield. This being based in the timeline where Nero and Nanashi are together and haven't been *COUGH* Married*COUGH* no more than 3 months before rumors start spreading. Nanashi hates that Nero is upset about it and decides she's done playing peacekeeper and is ready to threaten those who hurt her and Nero. 
The ribbon is made of a silk material that no one can replicate because it is said to be enchanted to show the skill of the warrior via staining; each 'kill' Nanashi makes the ribbon is stained black. By the end of her lifetime the ribbon will be pure ebony colored until she passes it on to her children or destroys it ending the cycle. Her grandfather instructed her that she will be the last in her line, Jundo, being her family name under her father. 
Jundo meaning 'Purity' and Nanashi roughly meaning 'Nameless' it fits that she is the last for her name directly translates to 'Nameless Purtiy'

Vamps AU/Art Style testing by EpicMickeyX
Vamps AU/Art Style testing
Looking at this I have no idea what's going on aside from trying a more cartoonish art style...bigger eyes and more polygonish shaped noses
Pretty much though, Nanashi is alive while Nero has been dead a pretty long time :iconwthplz:
Nero :iconoakfur422:
Nanashi (c) me
I HAVE NO IDEA SO JUST....ME BARE WITH ME! I have a lot of pressure on me so I just blowing off steam with half butt doodles


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I've been killing myself over what to animate *looks at piles of character sheets/references/pain* AND THEN I realized I had about 20 pages worth of practice in the sketch book containing the OTP project....Screw it I'm prolly gonna animate timeskip Nanashi and maybe Nero depending on what kind of plot I'm going for...

All I can say is it will probably involve violins, plants, and their awkwardness T^T Because I wasn't feeling a music video or fight scene with Wolfgang and Sydni...So slice of cute adorable life it is!
Sorry Shanna, this is pretty much asking if you're ok with this! Cuz' Nero is your bby


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