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[OW] Assignment #1 CHR 101: Partnered Discussion by EpicMickeyX
[OW] Assignment #1 CHR 101: Partnered Discussion
This is a Collab~!

Shiloh - :iconoakfur422:: Sketched and Lined -Word Count: 520
Cassidy - Me:  Colored -Word Count: 805 (Dang I write too much...)

I literally used the word count meter on Google chrome...I feel like I made a mistake somehow because I know Oakfur did a lot more writing then the google chrome thing is registering!

RP Included down below, formatted to that of a story though~

    Cassidy pokes Shiloh a bit, grinning.

    “Hey? Wanna be my partner~?” she asks quizzically, The reaper turned his head to see a familiar face and well, she was poking him.

    "I would like that." Cassidy's grin widened

    "Awesome!” Shiloh smiles a bit more as well.

    "Well shall we start then?" he asked, Cassidy nodded.

    "Of course, first up; Altering of the past...anything you'd want to change if you could, and what do you think the consequences would be? Because were not supposed to change anything..." quirks a frown and bits her lip thoughtfully. Shiloh paused a moment, thinking.

    "My treatment of Aiden. He took me in yet I acted so cold towards him, I would show more kindness to him and be less stubborn. Where I go in the future based on that time, perhaps I would have never come here as a student. What about you? Is there anything you would consider changing, and what do you think the consequences would be?" Cassidy blinks before sighing a bit

    "I'd try to change a lot, mainly why my powers didn't surface, I don't know how I would do it, but I'd try...consequences being I wouldn't be a student here. I'd be some snooty brat going to Gravity Academy, yuck!" she shrugs a bit,

    "Yours sounded different though, I wish there wasn't consequences for you"

    "I see, then again that's why we can't change things with chronomancy. Our past defines us but our future can still change us." Cassidy nods to his statement.

    "Well said" she looks at the board in shivers,

    "I don't know about you but the ripped in half thing sounds terrible!" she makes a face akin to a grimace.

    "I'd prefer to stay whole as well, I quite like existing." Shiloh frowned a bit, "At least our future isn't set in stone. We can still change some things about ourselves if we wanted too."

    "True, so many different branches all because of certain choices we many different paths that we can only assume what were doing now is the correct one, even though it's so easy to suddenly change paths...or some dramatic stuff like that..." she looks at Shiloh shrugging.

    "That there are, perhaps this path is only a building block it's guiding us for the future." Cassidy blinks and nods slowly

    "Perhaps...but then again the future is unknown, So we can only really cherish the present as it is" she said softly.

    "That is true. Speaking of the present do you currently enjoy it?" he asked.

    "I can't complain, I have friends, good grades, and I don't feel sad...are you enjoying the present?” she asked in reply.

     "I could say I am, my grades are decent, I've been more social than I have in a long time and I have met some great people - yourself included." He crossed his arms and smiled a bit.

    "Awww! You’re not too bad yourself, you’re one of the friendlier students I've met so far!" She nods in a matter of fact way.

    "Really? Thank you." He smiles slightly as a slight blush appears across his cheeks.

    "Ooooh? Your cheeks are turning just tiny bit pink! You feel alright" Cassidy asked leaning over the desk, feeling his forehead obviously concerned.

    "I'm fine." He wasn't used to others touching him and he slid down out of habit. At least I think I'm fine, he thought. Cassidy draws back noticing the discomfort;

    "Ah, I was worried for a minute; the summer heats receding but the winter chill is coming in full throttle! Don't want my partner getting sick or anything" Cassidy sits back down satisfied with his answer. She slightly suspicious of the colored tint though.

    "I see, fortunately I'm not one to get sick too often." Shiloh replied.

    "....That's amazing! So you rarely get sick!? I wish I could do that! What species are you exactly, someone mentioned you were a reaper, are you full blooded? Sorry to intrude if it's personal!" Cassidy turned a bit sheepish now after asking all though prying questions.

    "Yes, I don't see you the type to get ill often. I believe I am a full blooded reaper, and it's not personal at all." He smiled back a bit. This was the point most people tended to back away... They were scared of a reaper without a scythe, Shiloh thought to himself once more.

    “True, I guess I'm used to the weather and all, helps keep me healthy...So full blooded, and don't have a scythe? Why is that?" Cassidy was sincere with her asking, if he didn't find it to insulting then she'd learn the most she could about the reaper, it was her way of making friends.

    "I see... I don't yet." Shiloh looked a bit surprised since not many asked about his scythe.. or that he was a reaper for that matter.

    "I uh..." Shiloh trailed off; Cassidy smiles softly and waves her hand dismissively

    "Ahh! Nevermind with the seriousness, I'm sure your reasons are your own and I don't want to pry, but that being said since were going to be friends~ Don't withhold stuff that troubles you" she points at him, placing her finger on his nose.

    "I wanna help you get over that stuff...that's what friends do, right?" she asks smirking a bit.

    "Alright." He jumped just a bit when she touched him on the nose.

    "That is what they do..." he agreed softly; Cassidy pulls back her hand noticing the flinch, she smiles nervously.

    "Sorry, I keep forgetting you're not the biggest fan of contact" she murmurs, though still loud enough to hear.

    "It's alright, I don't make it too obvious - well I try." he admitted,

    "I think you hide it really well on other occasions, I wouldn't even notice if I wasn't looking for it" Cassidy assured him. Shiloh couldn't help but smile a bit,

    "Thank you. I'm glad it isn't too noticeable." he said. Cassidy blinks trying to remember if he'd ever smiled at her before

    "You’re welcome" she nods leaning on her desk facing him a bit more

    "So... What now?” He asks, Cassidy looks at the clock and then at Prof. Atlante

    "Hmmmm...There's not even 5 minutes left of class...we've discussed the topics...I don't have any other classes until after lunch...we could hang out after class or do something if you're not busy" Cassidy rocks back and forth in her chair, nearly tipping it over.

    "Class went by fast today. That would be nice, where shall we meet?" He watched her chair carefully as he didn't want her to fall.

    "Hmm...Where would you wanna go? Were limited to the campus but there's still plenty of space, if anything we could go back to one of our dorms" she said pondering a bit, tipping the chair back and balanced on her toes.

    "That we are... Well there are some nice spots on campus, and we do have that option..." He paused to think.

    "We could always get a snack or something, one of shops sells some pretty tasty treats...that still brings up the question where to eat it though...Hmmm?" She puffs her cheeks a bit thinking and stopped tipping her chair.

    "That sounds good to me, perhaps by the fountain? It always looks so nice." he suggested. Cassidy grins,

     "Sounds fine by me! We can hit the shop then the fountain" She claps, quietly excited. The edge of his lips form a smile,

    "That sounds great." He looked up to see class was over and the others were leaving.

    "Shall we go now?" he asked,

    "Sure! I know a shortcut so we can beat some of this crowd, otherwise the good stuff might be gone" she stood and skipped to the door, stopping to wait for Shiloh.

    Shiloh got up and made his way over to Cassidy,

    "That works for me."
It's formatted to read like a story instead of an RP...Ain't it awesome!?

Anyway I had a blast with this, finally got to do a collab with Oakfur~ Rolls

Alrighty though, time to get back to business though OuO


Cutie Doodle dump...AGAIN by EpicMickeyX
Cutie Doodle dump...AGAIN
Well since my sketchbook is stuck in a box of stuff that Is full of stuff for art OuO I've been doodle sketching more cute than halloween is coming so expect a sketch of something then too >w< Nanashi gonna be a scary lady~
First sketch was based entirely around conversation hearts...I'm not fond of the candy, but a friend of mine was talking about them and how you can by blank ones and make your own phrases or something like that...So Nanashi saw the blank candy at the market and bought them on a whim, brought them home, and started writing tiny little phrases on the candy. 
Then insisted Nero eat them, repeatedly.

Second one, Nero was just reading a bit before going to bed, Nanashi just kind plops down and disturbs that process.

Third, Nanashi planted an abundance of lavender on what she claims was 'An honest accident' yet coincidentally has been making dried lavender bundles to hang around the house, specifically the bedroom. Nero caught on pretty fast it was on purpose.

Last little chibi sketch...I don't even know...O_O Princess Nanashi being cute? shrug

Nero (c) :iconoakfur422:
Nanashi (c) Me
[OW] Assignment #1ELM 101: Free Fall Elementalism by EpicMickeyX
[OW] Assignment #1ELM 101: Free Fall Elementalism
Cassidy sighed heavily, leering at the little clear crystal that was just a little larger than her index finger. She had spent a good part of her day trying to discover her inner element and was throughly irked with the little thing. Cassidy kicked off her shoes and shifted her gravity jerking herself upward; the clouds were still high above and she wanted to get a free fall in before the sun set. It was a thrill she had decided she would reserve only for the most stressful of days, nothing like a rush of wind to blow away her troubles. She was reaching the end of her 5 minute shift span before she turned to face the ground far below her; she'd done this plenty, about a quarter of the way she'd shift again to a slow stop and retrieve her shoes. Cassidy barely registered the crystal still in hand before the rift broke and she was plummeting, her fingers released the crystal as if posses ed and she free fell. Cassdiy closed her eyes with a wry smile before allowing the calming rush to over take her thoughts. In the deepest part of her mind she felt a brief release, much like a heavy sigh after a deep breath and the crystal falling just a bit behind her filled with color.

O_O is this good? Her element would be air I think because she's not very down to Earth, if she could stay afloat for longer periods of time, she would. If she could live in space SHE WOULD. She enjoys being off the ground and more in the open skies...So Air is her inner element.

Cassdy Snipes (c) Me
Profile by EpicMickeyX
Trying to update older stuff....It's being a pain
Self Harm Colorless (Trigger Warning) by EpicMickeyX
Self Harm Colorless (Trigger Warning)
"The part when this kind of me had vanished; Hundreds of Millions of people wouldn't change"
M rating just in case cause Trigger Warning…

Her theme song is going to kill me O_O But it makes sense for her
After being sent off to boarding School for most of her adolescent and getting kicked out for being bullied and picking fights, she gives into the darkness in heart. Ending in scars and a damaged mentality of how strong she needs to be for others; though she begins to fix this with the introduction of others, specifically Nero. By the end of her time at the academy it's no longer a mentality of 'How strong must I be for them to use me' its the mentality of 'How strong must I be to protect them'
It's a subtle change only noticed by people close to her, though the scars bug her from time to time...

Nanashi (c) Me

Yes,you may stab me, I know I'm evil<sub wytiwyg="1">


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It get's happy at the end, SO I'm not entirely cruel...


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