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[AFA] Blackout...
I spent the better part of Halloween thinning out the crowds; enjoying a few treats, making extra work for our most "beloved" investigators...

Hiromi just killed people during her 15 minutes before she hit the clubs for the evening; she thoroughly enjoyed it.


    “Eat your toast, you haven’t had breakfast and I know you were awake before me” Ximawari cooed softly, knowing full well Roexn was thinking deeply on something and he didn’t need to be worrying either. This was her mother and Demitri’s father; they had survived them when living and now they just had to make it through October without being murdered by their parents. Ximawari folded her hands neatly staring at the table intently

    “Do you think sage burning or any cleansing would work? didn’t keep spirits away in Halloween Town when Nanashi was having a panic attack…” Ximawari grumbled glaring a bit at her stupid ideas to keep phantoms away, before she actually enjoyed the holiday and playing pranks with Roexn of course. Though he’d been reluctant to return after the last venture around last week, her behavior scaring him a Tiny bit.

     “Alright then…” Roexn hadn’t even thought about food until Ximawari said something about it. He picked up the toast and slowly munched on it, his thoughts still elsewhere.

    Demitri was not looking forward to what the rest of the month may bring if this is was the starter. Really a way to get things going a fantastic start. “It would at least be worth a shot. It may not work fully, but it could work for a short time?” He shrugged a bit, anything to get them away was worth trying at this point.

    The room was uneasily quiet, aside from the two boys eating. Ximawari frowned a bit; tilting her head in though.

    “Is there a Ghostbuster world we could visit...fix the problem immediately and meet funny people…” she flopped her head onto the table and sighed.

    “If only they existed and weren’t DVD actors….” she mumbled grumpily.

    Ryuko on the other hand was situated in the library; a knowing smile on her face

    “Do you having anything in mind for the wretched children, Alexei?” she leaned forward, smile becoming a dark grin.

    “That would be amazing right now. All we’ve got that’s close to a ghostbuster is Nexias - but I don’t even know if she can control them.” Demitri placed his drink down and closed his eyes for a moment.

    Roexn remained quiet, he didn’t really know what to say here.

    Alexei, like Ryuko, was currently in the library as well. Sitting in one of the lounge chairs within a study area of the library with a devious smile on his face. “Well, I certainly think there wouldn’t be any harm in using scars from the past to get to them. Maybe even ‘refresh’ their memories about the wounds. What about you Ryuko? Any certain plans you’ve got in mind?”

    Ryuko grinned “I like the scars tactics, my daughter was a cutter in high school, pathetic really, another spot to hit is relationships...any kind really, Ximawari’s marriage...I found some pamphlets in her room, Fertility drugs or at least ads for them. She wants a baby, for your son...perhaps people close to him, the devil child and him were friends at one point...Ximawari mentioned a boy who consulted Roexn when they were somebodies...Also…” she grinned and slide from the table getting closer.

    “There’s a woman wearing his clothing just down that corridor from where your son stays...hit him there” Ryuko sat in a lounge opposite him and hummed thoughtfully.

    “Perhaps the shortcomings...but put them in a situation where the shortcoming becomes apparent, your son has a lot and my daughter forgot her native tongue and anything making her worth being a wife...we need more though...we have a whole month of torture for those brats”
Ryuko purred.

Ximawari looked up suddenly, almost a jump really as a loose cabinet opened slowly; she breathed, relieved it wasn’t Ryuko of Alexei.

    “Thank you miss. Demitri has plenty of reminders from me that I can use. Oh? What a weak girl, resorting to such a thing…” He shook his head. “Relationships is certainly an interesting place to hit, if you hit the right chord you can send it all shattering. It’s likely they were, his brother, Nicholas - mentioned that Demitri and a Smith from Halloween Town worked together for quite a while once.”

    Alexei looked over to Ryuko and raised an eyebrow, “Oh? He’s actually gotten someone who can give him some type of affection? I wonder what he did to get that. Probably some pity story.” He rolled his eyes, “The woman would be an interesting tactic, however my preferred torment is with him. Perhaps make her think he’s crazy? Oh that’ll be a good one!”

    “I agree, we capitalize on their faults and shortcomings. They need to be taught a lesson. Your daughter has two that can definitely be used, my son, I’ll have to be a bit more specific with him. But I do think his lack for getting anywhere but second best is certainly a spot to start.”

    Ryuko grinned and nodded “I like how you think, if only I had met you before I had to she my mortal coil...I could have married you at some point or another, I know more it seems on that than anything now…” she scoffed a bit and stood 

    “But the afterlife isn’t meant to be wasted on piteous things like love...or desires...I want her to suffer...thinking she could throw me away like a bad memory…” she growled darkly before smirking

    “It almost working for me...Roexn must have thought her insane when she shouted at me” she turned to face him.

    “It won’t be hard to make your son look delusional Alexei dear” she cooed smugly.

    “Thank you…” He looked over to her, “That would’ve been interesting, imagine all that could’ve been accomplished.”

    “We have a month to drive our point home and an entire castle to use to our advantage. The closer it gets to Halloween, the stronger we are. On Halloween itself we join the physical world, just for the day. That will be for the grand finale though.”

    He raised an eyebrow, “The redhead I presume, I’m amazed he wasn’t more phased by it. Then again he could see me right off the bat.”

    Alexei smirked, “Our children can’t just kill us and cast us out by the wayside. That is not how it works and we need to make it very, very clear to them.”

    “I have no doubts about that, perhaps I can even get Sanei to think he’s crazy. Oh that’ll be good if I can - Wonder if I can convince her to rescind his rank.” Alexei laughed softly. “What of your daughter? Should we do the same for her? Or maybe we should lay child’s items around - making him think she truly wants a child again.”

    Ryuko grinned plopping on the chair next to him smiling

    "I can help with your son, believe me I made my daughter look unstable enough to merit a parole officer in her junior high years...Roexn more ever would be angry for the objects, though not for long" she scoffed leaning on him

    "She has him wrapped tightly around her finger it seems, use him for Demitri and then for my daughter...her fear is not being able to have any... Or ending up like me when it comes to parenting" she hummed thoughtfully

    "Leaving the objects is a good tactic but to really hit her home is to insinuate she can't even conceive...I only managed one child with my first husband and it took a very long time; She fears inheriting my difficulty I think, Nanashi always did" Ryuko looked at him smugly.

    "Sanei? The woman in the kitchen? Are your son and her close?" she cooed before a noise caught her attention.

    "...To make you aware there is one other phantom around Alexei, she just idea who she's bound too; you have any idea?" Ryuko glared in the direction of the noise.

    “Oh this will be interesting… The crazier the better - if he can’t get to the top he doesn’t even deserve a chance at it.” He looked over to her curiously, “Then we’ll need more than that. It could be, the two of them seem fairly close. How to use him for my son, may take a little doing to figure out.”

    “How should we go about that then? Use her fears against her, what if we used the boy? Let him be the catalyst for her… ineptitude for having children? Or at least cause him to allude to it. Now that may spook her…”

    “Yes, I believe it’s something different now but her former’s name was Sanei. I used to do business with her father, while I did that her and my sons would play together. She quite liked Demitri, not romantically, but a maternal form of affection. I’d venture to say she still does.” Alexei paused, “Another spirit? I thought I’d noticed something earlier. She’s certainly not bound to Sanei or either of our children. I know there are other members, so perhaps it’s connected to one of them? Quite frankly I don’t care as long as it doesn’t interfere with us.” He looked over to where Ryuko was for a moment.

    Ryuko grinned and looked at him dangerously

    “That is a beautiful idea Alexei, Roexn as a somebody was reluctant to even have a child with her then, if Roexn...mentions or at least alludes to her being unable to have a’d break her ‘heart’ into billions of little shards” Ryuko chuckled gleefully. She stood and straightened her back a bit

    “Then we need to break Demitri before Sanei’s eyes, she has to witness him break...if she cares she may remove the job entirely from him believing it to be the cause of his mental break” Ryuko hummed a bit and looked at him coyly before turning to face him.

    “But before we begin toying with the brats, who says we can’t have a little fun of our own? It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to exist on the physical plain let alone touch another or speak to another…” she mumbled sitting back onto the chair and smirking at him,

    “Or would you rather begin the plans right away?” she asked sweetly, the layers of false tones ever present.

    Ximawari cleaned up the dishes and placed them into the sink before glancing back at the two at the table. She sighed a bit and leaned on the counter crossing her arms.

    “Could Nexias help us…?”

    “Why thank you Ryuko, i’m glad it’s worthy of being spoken. We just need to play the right cards with him to get him to say it. I think shattering her little ‘heart’ is a fine way to go.” He laughed softly, oh what a result that would bring.

    “Perhaps, we need to have several people see signs of it before we go and do that. Make it so if she wants to try and find a way around it she can’t. She’ll have to remove him from the job if he’s that bad.”

    He raised an eyebrow curiously, “Is this a proposition? Perhaps. We shall have to see when the time comes Miss Ryuko.”

    “For now, we start to break them both.” Alexei grinned.

    Demitri pinched the bridge of his nose, he didn’t think losing that much blood that fast would have him be this dizzy for this long. “We can certainly try and ask her, It’s likely she can already at least see them considering her element.”

    “There’s no guarantee she can help us though, usually these spirits aren’t tied to someone… It can’t hurt to find out if we can do anything. Especially if the two of them will be here for the whole month.” Roexn stood up, he didn’t even want to start to know what Ryuko, let alone Alexei had in mind for their children. Chances are they had a similar plan. If they worked together, Ximawari and Demitri would be in trouble.

    Ryuko smiled softly and grinned at him

    “It is a proposition Alexei, I find you to be my type…” she purred before she sprawled out a bit.

    “Who do we begin with Alexei? Your son or my daughter?” she cooed; “The sooner we begin the sooner we can enjoy having a physical presence of sorts

    Ximawari looked at Roexn worriedly

    “No one is bothering you right Roexn?” she murmured softly, just to be sure he wasn’t becoming a target.

    “Quite a proposition you’re offering me, some personal time with a lovely woman like yourself.” He smiled at Ryuko.

    “Hmm… Both have their pros and cons, but your daughter may be ideal to start with. If we break her - we can ensure she’s still that way before we go. Oh! I just got a wonderful idea, we can implicate both of them, turn Roexn against her and still convince her she can’t conceive!” He laughed, this warranted a whole lot of chaos. “However Ryuko, I leave the final choice of who we start with up to you.”

    Roexn shook his head, “No, not at all actually.”

    Ryuko flushed a bit “Such a lovely time to spend with a man I don’t despise” she purred before pondering a moment 

    “Ximawari healed your son...get rid of her first, do whatever needs to be done, so tell me what needs to happen first” she cooed sitting up a bit.

    Ximawari nodded and smiled a bit 

    “Good...I don’t know what I’d do without you…” she mumbled gently.

    Alexei gave her a smile in return, “I look forward to it then. As far as our children goes, particularly your daughter - if we want to cause the most damage and get the redhead in the process. We give him doubt, keep alluding to her potentially ‘bending’ her marital vows. For her, we start planting evidence or insinuations of her not being able to conceive. Negative test results, falsified medical tests - there’s a Doctor here we can procure that from.”

    He sneered, “she brought this upon herself by doing that. Even though it does mean I can make him suffer longer - I would’ve liked to have seen him bleed out a little more.”

    “You don’t have to worry about that, i’ll be right here beside you the whole time.” Roexn smiled softly, reaching for Xima’s hand.

    Ryuko giggled a bit and sat up “I like the way you think!” she exclaimed rolling on top of him a bit.

    “We need to place it where not only she’ll find it but Roexn will too...He needs to think she’s trying to get pregnant though she promised not to for the time being; not only will he get angry but he’ll also get some sort of fear they can’t reproduce at all driving a wedge in the marriage” Ryuko sighed

    “I’ll get the forms and the tests results…” she smitked.

    Ximawari took it and squeezed his hand tightly “I’m scared…”

    “I’m glad someone else understands my thought process.” He smiled softly.

    “Of course, we need these to be in spots that alert him and later her. Causing the rift between the two to start to grow. What about ‘accidentally’ giving the tests to someone else and having them hand them off? I imagine he’d be more than angry if she promised not to, then there’s all this saying she still tried to. On top of the fact that even if they tried, it may be impossible! Oh how delightful.”

    “While you do that, I’ll find good places to plant them.” He returned her smirk.

    Roexn squeezed her hand back gently, “she can’t hurt you like she did back then Ximawari. She’s only a spirit now.”

    Ryuko smirked and stood up and caressed his cheek before vanishing through the floor to get the forms, allowing Alexei to look for spots to plant the forms.

    Ximawari looked at him softly and nodded “But she can touch and she can hurt...what if she tries to hurt you!?” she sniffled hugging him a bit.

    Alexei smiled at Ryuko, vanishing only moments after she did to find ideal spots for planting evidence.

    Roexn hugged her back, rubbing her back softly. “She can’t touch or hurt me.”

    “When she asked for the knife that i’d just been stabbed with, she didn’t go for it herself. If she could touch others she would’ve just grabbed it.” Demitri hoped that was at least the case.

    Ryuko collected the forms and noted her daughter’s test results were indeed positive and at normal levels for a young woman. Ryuko sneered and looked at the doctor’s computer, she needed to falsify the results to negative. Ryuko tried to open the files on the computer and sighed angrily, she glanced at another file and grinned. It seems Nexias was as infertile as herself, just too early for the poor woman. Ryuko went about changing the files and making copies to leave around before going to fetch more negative tests for other results, throughing in a negative pregnancy test result as well, That would tick Roexn off quite a bit.

    Ximawari looked at Demitri and sighed a little relieved, “She won’t hurt Roexn…”

    Alexei headed to Ximawari and Roexn’s bedroom, the best place would be where both of them would walk by. Such as the desk over by the window, or the dresser where both their clothes were stored. Perhaps even loosely hanging off the stack of books on Ximawari’s side. There were quite a few good spots at first glance but there had to be more - then again it was best to do this in moderation.

    “She won’t. Not that I know of. Alexei couldn’t touch you and Ryuko couldn’t touch me. Meaning they can only affect objects or the person they are bound to.”

    “Well… What now? I guess we should talk to Nexias sooner rather than later?” Roexn looked from Ximawari to Demitri. “You should probably lay down Demitri, you look awful.”

    “You flatter me Roexn, I’m covered in my own blood, plus I look and feel like a trainwreck.” Demitri smiled a bit.

    “My general point is that you should probably rest, if we really need you we can send a lesser your way… plus I don’t know if you’d pass out or not because of the blood loss.”

    Ximawari nodded and looked at Roexn, she smiled a little and sighed

    “Would you mind running back to the room and get my coat please...I left it there and it’s a little chilly” she mumbled a bit. She didn’t want to ask but she needs to double check on Demitri’s stitches.

    “I’ll look at you stitches, then cover them so you can shower and rest...though standing may be a little hard so a bath could be better” she spoke softly and squeezed Roexn gently.

    Ryuko grabbed the papers and wandered until she found Alexei,

    “Did you find a spot Alexei?” she cooed showing him the papers.

    Roexn smiled and nodded, “Most certainly - I could give you mine if you’re still cold after putting yours on.”

    “Alright then, a shower may not be a bad idea.” He paused, “That’s true - I’ll see where I am after we’re done here.” Demitri nodded a bit, understanding her orders.

    Roexn squeezed her gently before breaking the hug and going off on his way to get the coat, he chose to walk instead of using the corridor, finding it a good time to clear his head for a bit from all that happened this morning.

    Alexei nodded, “I found several spots that we could use.” He looked at the papers, “Perfection. Now we just need to plant it.”

    Ryuko  noted Ximawari’s coat, the colors giving it away that it was indeed her daughter’s

    “Plant a copy there, either she will find them or Roexn, either works I suppose...she’ll try to keep it hidden from him to begin with” Ryuko took a copy of the negative fertility test and pregnancy results placing them just a bit out of the way by the coat which was hanging of the desk chair.

    “The papers will attract him as they look hidden, like Ximawari was trying to hide them from him” she cooed handing him a few copies to place in other spots.

    “Roexn won’t mention it to her...not unless she brings it up, she won’t see these until later and when she’s devastated by the news and needs comfort, he’ll be angry by then, but don’t leave the pregnancy results, she hasn’t taken any tests herself as of late” Ryuko murmured ensuring everything was in place.

    Ximawari moved over to Demitri and pulled the fabric back to look at the stitches

    “Let me get some gauze so you can shower” she stood to go get it.

    Alexei nodded and went to place a paper on the coat itself, within the pocket of it. It would likely be found by Ximawari first, but if it were to fall a certain redhead may catch a glimpse of it. “His attention to at least one of the copies may be all we need, but never a bad idea to error on the side of caution.” Alexei moved to go and plant a few more copies, all slightly hidden to a point that made it look like they were intentionally being hidden.

    He nodded, being sure to only leave the fertility tests out. “Of course, we need everything to be cohesive, it would be a shame for our plan to fail over such a simple thing.” He stepped back, looking at their handiwork.

    Demitri didn’t move, letting Ximawari do what she needed to regarding his stitches. He held the fabric back for her, so that was she could use both her hands. “Alright then Ximawari.” He looked at the stitches he’d received not too long ago. It wasn’t anything new, seeing fresh stitches because of something Alexei did. The pain on the other hand, was - at least the severity of it. Usually he’d be able to ignore it entirely or just distract himself enough to forget it was a thing. But this time it hurt like hell. Perhaps it was because of who was doing it, or even the memories behind it. He didn’t really know at this point.

    Roexn was almost back to their bedroom, having a good amount of time to think about everything and stop his mind from fully going on overdrive.

    Ryuko grabbed Alexei’s arm gently and smirked “As Much as I want to see Roexn’s face when he finds out his wife is sterile and still trying to get pregnant against his wishes...we need to plan a few things out for your boy don’t we?” she cooed pulling him along to prepare for Demitri’s fate.

    Ximawari returned with gauze and pain killer, her own recipe of course; the capsules with little powder pills you could add to coffee or any drink, or just take the pill plain.

    “Ok, so this stuff is gonna make you a little dizzy, I’m gonna help you get around until you feel your head isn’t spinning anymore” she grabbed the juice and popped the pill open; spilling in the powder.

    “You have to drink all of it otherwise it won’t keep the pain at bay as long as you want it too” she offered him the glass and began to apply the gauze over the stitches.

    “That is very true, plus we can always watch the climax of our little plan later.” He smiled to Ryuko. “Of course, he’s not to be neglected here either. Now just what to do with him?”

    “Hm?” Demitri noticed Ximawari pop open a pill into the glass of juice he had. He nodded a bit, “So i’ll just be twice as dizzy? I’ll probably barely be able to stand at that rate.”

    He took the glass when she offered it to him, “Thank you Ximawari.” He looked at the glass a moment before starting to drink it’s contents, which only had the faintest taste of the medicine. “I’ll be sure to do so, I assume this is one of your recipes?” He tried to stay as still as possible so Ximawari could properly apply the gauze.

    Roexn opened the door to their room, looking around a moment before going to get Ximawari’s coat. He walked over to it and went to pick it up, stopping only to pick up a slightly hidden paper - almost intentionally shoved under a few folders of Xima’s recipes. He read it’s contents and frowned, she was infertile?! When did she take this test… and why wouldn’t she tell him about it! Roexn frowned and sighed before shaking his head. He looked at the paper one last time before returning it back to where it seemed to be hastily hidden. It wasn’t quite out in the open for him to even know, so he can’t go and say anything. Did she even read the results? If she did she probably would’ve said something. He picked up her coat and made his way back to the kitchen, trying not to think about what he’d just come across.

    Ximawari nodded with a smirk “Like I’d let some filthy Moogle bastards do my job…” she mumbled darkly, her rivals in the potion industry never stopped prodding to sell in the castle, invoices and several rude emails a month drove her point home. She finished the gauze work and stood

    “Let me know when you’re to go” she reassured cleaning up her supplies.

    Ryuko grinned a bit and lead the way to the kitchen, not entering but listening;

    “You’re son is about to be left alone to clean himself up...I know a good thing to do it get them to look unsafe to themselves, a few punched mirrors or intentional harm to one’s body usually gets the ball rolling, Demitri looks too stubborn for that so we have to do it ourselves” she smirked gesturing to the boy.

    “I can start sending any invoices from them that come my way back. I know Nexias doesn’t really want them in the castle and you do a better job than them. Plus you’re human so you understand the effects of the ingredients a bit better I feel.” Demitri nodded and took the last sip from the glass. “I better do this before I get too dizzy to stand. So we should go now.” Demitri moved to get up, leaning on the table at first.

    “He’s far too stubborn for his own good, so we’ll have to be doing it ourselves for now. Perhaps we can provoke him, have him throw something.” Alexei smirked, “We’ll wait until he’s about to rest - that’s the most opportune time to start.” He looked over to Demitri, “He’ll put up a fight the whole time…”

    Roexn was almost back to the kitchen now, almost fully calmed down from the paper he assumed Ximawari to be hiding from him.

    Ximawari helped him and stand and looked up noticing Roexn, she smiled

    “Thank you! Let me help Demitri to his room...then we should talk” she spoke softly, her tone genuine, she was meaning to discuss how to get rid of the phantoms, but Demitri came first of course, after all he was injured.

    Ryuko nodded and turned to look down the hall “Do you know which room is his?”

    Roexn smiled a bit in return. “It’s not a problem.” He handed her his coat and switched places with her, so Demitri was instead leaning on him for support. “Of course and alright then.” He nodded, they definitely needed to talk, that was for sure. But Demitri couldn’t do much save for resting the way he was now, so it was best he lay down for now.

    “Hopefully we can deal with them soon, I don’t even want to know what else they may or have done…” Demitri sighed softly.

    Alexei nodded, “Follow me.”

    Ximawari pulled on her coat and frowned, a paper crinkling in one of the pockets. She dismissed it and helped move Demitri to his room, intending to look when he situated with Roexn as she wasn’t going to help him strip down so he could shower if he got too dizzy. Ximawari stopped outside his room and let go of him gently

    “If he can’t stand on his own he takes a bath, if he’s feeling well enough he can shower!” Ximawari called as she closed the door. She reached into her pocket and fetched the paper, smoothing it out to read. //My lab results? Why’d he place them in the pocket, X could have just brought them to me like a normal pers-// She froze looking at the paper. All of the tests were negative, a bold word at the bottom of the page made her queasy. //Infertile...I can’t…? I can’t even have a child...//

    “ has to be wrong...I took care of myself...I got myself together, I can’t be infertile I  have normal cycles and everything…” Ximawari mumbled. The paper in her hands was immidiately crumpled up and shoved into her pocket //I can’t have my mother luck with trying for children! That’s not fair! I’m not even her daughter in all technicalities!// Ximawari zipped up her coat holding back a cry. //It’s not fair//.

    Ryuko followed Alexei to Demitri’s room, making herself unnoticeable to the people around as Ximawari was with the group of boys, trying to get Demitri cleaned up.

    Roexn helped Ximawari with Demitri, who insisted he was fine to walk. They finally got to his room and Ximawari remained outside. “I can stand, really!”

    Roexn abruptly let go of Demitri, only to watch him lose his footing for a moment and remain standing. “I’m not surprised. You’re so stubborn that I feel like you’ve punched the grim reaper in the face for him trying to tell you you’re going to die and walk away from it.”

    “I wish, that would be a great story to tell. Anyway I am fine to get cleaned up, but thank you both for the help.” Demitri looked over to Roexn. “Something’s bothering you isn’t it?” Demitri whispered low enough so that Ximawari wouldn’t be able to hear it.

    “There may or may not be something bothering me. I just hope it’s not what I think it is.” Roexn sighed. “Let’s deal with these spirits first.” Demitri nodded and Roexn went back out to the hall.

    Ximawari seemed a bit upset when he walked back out, “Demitri will be fine for now, you wanted to talk?” Roexn wouldn’t dare pressure the subject, but if it came up he’d express his feelings on it.

    Alexei, like Ryuko was unnoticable as they walked past the group. He walked around Demitri’s room, this being the first time he can take a look around. Plus he’d wanted to see what they could use to their advantage.

    Ximawari looked at Roexn and inhaled sharply before hugging herself tightly

    “I took a fertility test a few weeks back...when I first wanted a baby and now…” she sniffled and swallowed thickly, shaking a little

    “I can’t even do that…” she murmured looking at the floor.

    Ryuko hummed, looking around the room

    “He’s a bit of a slob...well slob as in hoarder...he has a thing for glass…?” she murmured examining the contents of his room. She cocked her head, hearing her daughter speak and smirked. Ximawari may not be bottling it up this is still going to form a wedge, self blame and doubt were very prevalent in the girl.

    Roexn remained quiet as she spoke, resting his hand on her shoulder and squeezing it gently. “So that’s what that paper was on your desk…” He looked over to her. “Are you sure this test is right Xima? Have you taken it more than once?”

    “Look, even if you can’t have children and you still want them in the future, we can look into other ways of doing so. Alright?” Roexn frowned, how long has she been taking these? She promised him she’d stop it. “How many weeks ago did you take this test Xima?” Roexn wasn’t sure he really wanted to know the answer, Ximawari seemed extremely guilty about bringing this up. Why was she hiding it?

    Alexei looked at the glass containers Demitri kept on his desk, some without anything in them and other with paintbrushes or pencils. “He’s one of those artist types… Particularly fond of glass medium wise I assume. As soon as he could legally defy me he did so and made a name for himself as a glass smith.” He shook his head disapprovingly. “Really a waste of assets.”

    Ximawari sobbed a bit before leaning on him “4 weeks...about a month...I’ve had 3 but never went to retrieve the results...I was scared for this reason exactly! Ryuko...had a hard time conceiving, she told me...made it a point to flaunt that maybe I was like her!  So when I first started thinking of having a baby...I took one but was scared to get the results...I took another shortly after the event with Nana...I was scared something might have gone wrong and I wanted to maybe get treatment just in case you were ready for a baby...and I know you're not! I know trust me I know! I was happy to wait but then I kept refusing to look at the results and took a third one to be safe!” she shook violently as she sobbed. //This is what I was scared of! I could never have any to begin with could I!?//

    “It won’t be your child though!’ll be someone else’s...I want to give you a child but now...What’s even the point…?” she mumbled softly. //He’s still not ready for a child...maybe, that’s for the best?//

    “Maybe it’s for the best…?” she suggested pulling back trying to dry her eyes.

    Ryuko scoffed making a face “Why did both our kids turn out to free spirited daughter threw her birthright away to make potions and fraternize with a demon…” she growled looking at Demitri who was taking his time getting around.

    “Xima…” Roexn rubbed her back softly when she moved closer to him. He remained quiet while she spoke, she promised him she was done with this for a while… He sighed, “I love you dearly Xima, a child is a child and that’s not going to change the fact that I love you. We don’t need a child to cement this relationship. If we really want one, fine. But now is not the time Xima.” He thought they were finally going to be done with this child talk. Roexn shook his head, he didn’t even really want to talk about this - as unfortunate as it may be.

    Demitri didn’t rush to get clothes that weren’t covered in his own blood, he was dizzy but determined to not let that stop him. After getting the rest of what he needed, Demitri went to shower.

    “It’s almost as if the world laughs in our faces with it.” Alexei clicked his tongue, “wasteful child she was. Not only did she shame your name but she went and fraternized with someone who isn’t even human!” Alexei waited until he heard the shower start to go and walk over to Demitri’s nightstand. “Let’s see if we have anything else we can use…”

    Ximawari inhaled sharply, his tone was gentle but she could hear a bit of irritation in it. She has promised him to stop! And she did! She had stopped, she’d returned the books, she’d put the tests to the back of her mind! Why did X go and remind her! Why did he feel it necessary to leave bad news in her pocket for her to find and break down about!?

    “I’m Sorry! I know I said I’d stop but I did stop! I put everything away I only kept the treatment packets I was waiting for you to bring it up! I wasn’t going to ask anymore!” she sounded panicked. //It’s always the doubt, how long before I can put more trust in everything we are!? We are happy! Why does everything have to seem like a trap in my mind!// Ximawari hugged his waist tightly, hiding her face.

    “...Don’t be angry...please…” she mumbled quietly.

Ghosts From the Past (RP Log Part 2) [OOS]
Word Count: 6300
Oak (Demitri, Roexn, Alexei, and Nexias): A lot 
Mickey (Ximawari and Ryuko): Also A lot

It would not let me find the seperate totals to save my life no matter what I did; forgive me.
Part 1: Ghosts From the Past (RP Log Part 1) [OOS]
Part 2: You're Here!
Part 3: To be Posted
Part 4: To be Posted
Part 5: To be Posted
Part 6: To be Posted
Ghosts from the past

     Halloween originally was far different from it's meaning today, however that doesn't stop the spirits from roaming the earth. The castle itself hasn't ever had people they held connections to come back... But this year is a little different. Unfortunately this won't be resolved until the end of the month... Some of us ended up with spirits bound to us, spirits of people we knew. Is the spirit that may be bound to you a benevolent one or a malicious one? Do they do anything to bother you? </span>
  50+ EXP

Hooray for more feels and pain and the concerns of married couples...Not really; this RP is actually pretty serious and full of themes that might not be suitable for everyone. Part 1 is rated M for certain occurrences but Part 2 is pretty slow. Part 3 will most definitely be rated M so be prepared for that.

Alexei, Demitri, Nexias, and Roexn: :iconoakfur422:
Ryuko and Ximawari : :iconepicmickeyx:

CHR 403: It has gotten annoying... by EpicMickeyX
CHR 403: It has gotten annoying...

Cassidy really needs to focus better on the words she learns, otherwise she may just break the clock...

Sorry for the sketch, this month was so busy ;w;

CHR 304: Fast Forward...My parents... by EpicMickeyX
CHR 304: Fast Forward...My parents...
Sorry It's not colored but this week is going to be super busy for me! The whole month really was, and I didn't want to miss out on the assignments so I finished it as a sketch and I'm sorry ;w;





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1. Pick one of your OCs.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal.

I was tagged by :iconever-so-jantly: who makes my fucking day everyday with her OC babies
All OC babies from friends make my day, LET ME LOVE THEM :iconrinexcitedplz:

For this Meme I will have my babies~ Nanashi, Cassidy, Finnick (the only one with a peony penis thing) Ximawari, and our lovely new addition who's app has yet to be complete, Hiromi.

1. What is your name?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: A-Ah!? Um...Hello...My name is Nanashi Junshin, well um, Maiden name atleast. I would appreciate it if you addressed me by my married name on you form though, Nanashi Lefevre
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Cassidy Snipes~ I would love to be your friend if you don't mind over excited rambling from me about my boyfri-
:bulletred: Finnick: Finnick Crosswell, that's enough about Him if you don't mind Cassidy, keep that to a minimum, Thank you
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Uuuhhhhhhh....Just call me Ximawari, I prefer not to speak my last name
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Eto Hiromi...But I'm sure you're just after my first name, I thought to be polite, just call me Hiromi please

2. Do you know why you were named that?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: mother wanted a boy and I am most certainly not a boy, she didn't want to give me a name so...I was given one meaning 'Nameless' in respectable terms
:bulletpink: Cassidy: No idea~ Mother thought the name was cute so Ta-da! I am Cassidy
:bulletred: Finnick: I am named after my great-grandfather, a past council man of high respect
:bulletblue: Ximawari: I was 'born' with this being derived from Himawari is the most I can piece together about it
:bulletorange: Hiromi: My mother said I was the most beautiful thing she had seen in a long time on the day of my birth, she wanted to tell the world of my beauty

3. Are you single or taken?
:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Happily married, so Taken.
:bulletpink: Cassidy: My heart belongs to someone, I can never take back my love, Taken.
:bulletred: Finnick: Single.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Married, happily of course, Taken.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Single, but looking for someone to compliment my...'Mood swings' I guess is a nice way of putting it.

4. Have any abilities or powers?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: *giggles* Like Super powers or Magic? I suppose a few, I am very good with a Bo Staff or Katana, as well as healing potions and Healing spells
:bulletpink: Cassidy: I control Gravity! It's amazing to communicate and ingrain myself into the nature of it!
:bulletred: Finnick: I too control Gravity, though not as Chaotic as Cassidy.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: I an skilled in short sword wielding, Gardening, Cooking, Cleaning F***ing my husband's brains out, and potion work, as well as Healing spells. *smiles*
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Sewing and Cosplay, acting too...Oh! and My kagune of course, it's on organ that sprouts out of my right shoulder, I use it to f**k sh*t up *straight faced stare* Also turn off that censor, it's such an Annoying sound *glares*

5. Stop being a Mary-sue!

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: I'm not Mary-Sue!? Who is that, is she a world traveler!?
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Who is that? Is she flirtatious? Does she like tall, skinny, silver-haired males? *dark, yandere look*
:bulletred: Finnick: This isn't a dating service right? Because I like being single...*nervous glancing*
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Is she nice? Or is she a bitch?
:bulletorange: Hiromi: That sounds like the bit- I mean, the young woman from work who keeps stealing my tips. *trying to keep composure*

6. What's your eye color?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Green, a rare color for me I guess as I am descended from what the worlds have deemed Japan in the Ghibliverse
:bulletpink: Cassidy: *staring at Nanashi, clearly confused* Are you an Alien? Or are all Japanese people aliens? Anyway, my eye color is Magenta or Pink~ As my god decided pink-eyed, green-haired, human knock offs were all the rage
:bulletred: Finnick: As I am the male of the species Cassidy and I are from, my eyes are red or darker magenta. We are not knock off we are the superior Species *glaring at Cassidy*
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Blue...not very uncommon for a blondie
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Mine are also blue. Not uncommon either I guess? However they're bright red and black with veins all over the place when I'm hungry or pissed off at my meals.

7. How about hair color?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Well my Husband would say it's a very dark shade of blue, like the night's sky or an October evening.
:bulletpink: Cassidy: It's green. *points at hair* Black when being poisoned by human pollutants.
:bulletred: Finnick: Dark green, also black in the presence of pollutants.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: It's blonde, kinda straw and yellow blonde too.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: It's black like my soul. *raises eye brows amused*

8. Have you any family-members?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: My husband and our two children, Nero, my husband, and then Lysander and Lilith. My mother I prefer no to speak with, nor my stepfather. My grandfather and grandmother have passed away, as well as my father. *stern expression*
:bulletpink: Cassidy: My mother and far as I know at least *shrugs* They kinda just send me money for food and bills.
:bulletred: Finnick: I'm not allowed home.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Just my husband...and Older 'Brother' Cal. But I do considered the Order my family.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Good for nothing, Amnesty Loving parents.

9. Oh? How about pets?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: My son's pet Dragon, Equinox...he's a....hassle to put it gently.
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Galaxias! My furry, fluffy, love muffin kitty cat!
:bulletred: Finnick:...None
:bulletblue: Ximawari: They're not allowed I suppose.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: I don't like animals, they're just as rabid as I am when I'm near starvation...Plus they piss and shit everywhere ((Foul mouthed Lolita...))

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: The darkness is something to be feared...but accepted as a part of everyone...I fear it the most as I have seen first hand what happens when people begin to drown in it.
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Bullies, and Jerks who assume I'm a whore. *looks at Finnick*
:bulletred: Finnick: Girls with short skirts thinking they won't be called a whore. *glaring at Cassidy*
:bulletblue: Ximawari: I agree with Nanashi...
:bulletorange: Hiromi:...People staining my dresses and ruining my shit.

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Potion making and Gardening!
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Reading...or spending time with my Boyfriend, also playing with time.
:bulletred: Finnick: Reading and Studying *Cassidy coughs "nerd"*
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Gardening and mixing potions for the order
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Cosplaying as a Lolita girl to make money, also would you accept killing as an answer? Netflix is pretty cool too though.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Let's not talk about that please. *grows quiet and fidgety*
:bulletpink: Cassidy:...In the tournaments I have, it's terrifying knowing I could crush them if I wanted too...I don't like it, I don't want him to see as a killer...
:bulletred: Finnick: Once...and it was the biggest mistake I ever made.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: We do what we must to survive I guess, I will do anything to protect my family so yes, I have hurt people and creature alike.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Bitch, I eat people, I hurt them any chance I get to appease my appetite; everyone here is suddenly sad and mopey but Jeeeeez quite whining, it's just people. *glaring at the group*

13. Ever... killed anyone before?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: I asked you politely, please don't bring up things like this *pale, sickened look*
:bulletpink: Cassidy: No...gods no...
:bulletred: Finnick: No, I would never have gone that far...
:bulletblue: Ximawari: If I must.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: A girls gotta eat. *smirks at the group, clearly alarmed at the behavior*

14. What kind of animal are you?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Human?
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Gravity Shifter I guess? you want my Spirit animal?
:bulletred: Finnick: *shrugs* Gravity Shifter?
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Humanish? I am a Nobody and I look human, so I guess...Human? *confused look*
:bulletorange: Hiromi: I'm a ghoul...

15. Name your worst habits?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: I don't have any bad least...not anymore.
:bulletpink: Cassidy: I really, really like the idea of Sex, I pester my boyfriend a lot about it, also I am apparently super annoying when trying to make friends.
:bulletred: Finnick: Reading is a healthy well-rounded habit if I do say so myself, but I don't have any bad habits *Cassidy shakes her head 'no'*
:bulletblue: Ximawari:....Well an old habit has come back to haunt me...I fear for my husband more than myself.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: I guess the cosplay is a bad habit, after all my mother loved to dress me up like a little 'doll' and the cosplay is just nothing but baggage and memories...*empty expression before glaring with a smirk* But another bad habit is the frequent consumption of fat ass, rich, sodomizing bastards from the upper crusts of my new-found home town. I'm gonna get fat...

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi:...My husband in so many ways...there are too many to count...
:bulletpink: Cassidy: My Chronomancy Professor...he's amazing with what he does.
:bulletred: Finnick: *blushes a bit* Ah...Just Cressida.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Superior Nexias...she's just an incredible woman *smiles proudly*
:bulletorange: Hiromi: No one at all.

17. are you Gay,  Straight, or Bisexual?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi:....This is sudden...ummm...Straight, I rather like what my husband has in his pants *bright, red cheeks*
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Wellll....I do love my boyfriend but I do admit some of the girls on campus are cute, but I still like the peony so Straight with hints of Bi.
:bulletred: Finnick: Straight...
:bulletblue: Ximawari:....Straight? I mean...What my husband has is ungodly, we have to by an obscure size condom brand dubbed 'Penis Monster' so I would straight because it's the best part of my evening when he's in the mood.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: I guess I could swing either way, girls are cute and lovable; while boys like to put things in places they can't touch yet. *winks at Finnick*

18. Do you go to school?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: I'm a graduate from KHA I have finished school *smiles brightly*
:bulletpink: Cassidy: I go to Otherworlde Academy, I may have to drop out soon which sucks...
:bulletred: Finnick: Otherworlder Academy as well...I'm doing my best to keep up...
:bulletblue: Ximawari: No, I'm also a graduate but the paperwork was lost, I don't need to go back to school.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Thinking of going to college, I was home schooled until I was 18, it wouldn't hurt to get a degree or some higher knowledge.

19. Ever wanna marry and have kids one day

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: I am married and have 2 children already, So I am ahead of the rest I suppose; Besides Ximawari of course.
:bulletpink: Cassidy: I've already made plans to be married! It's going to be the best day of my life I think...though the prospect of children is also amazing...I really want a son, and maybe a little girl.
:bulletred: Finnick: I'm not sure as of right now...
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Married, I'm working on convincing my husband a child would be a good thing, but he's nervous...and we would need the superiors approval.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: I love the concept of it know what, never mind, it is not anyone's fucking business what I want from my life.

20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: No?
:bulletpink: Cassidy: No, unless you count Cressida who likes to study my species
:bulletred: Finnick: NO.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: No.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: All of the fucking boys love me, even if they haven't met me yet *grins*

21. What are you most afraid of?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Losing my family...If I lost my husband or one of our little ones...I couldn't bare it...
:bulletpink: Cassidy:....Leaving him alone...he's a reaper so granted he'll outlive me, and potentially our children...I'm so afraid of what he'll become or what will happen to him.
:bulletred: Finnick: I fear the loss of life or losing who I am to what I want to become...((Cryptic much?))
:bulletblue: Ximawari: I can't lose my husband again...I fear that the most, even  above the potential threat of losing everything to the darkness...
:bulletorange: Hiromi: I fear my family's wishes for me...I don't want to be granted amnesty I want a freedom no one else can give me...Don't look at me like that, I don't want your damn sympathy. *gets up* Fuck it, I'm done being polite, work sucked so let me get out of this dress, being nice is going to shit anyway. *leaves*

22. What do you usually wear?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Sweaters, tank tops, skirts, pants, sandals, converse...Lingerie when the occasion calls for it *flushes and hides her face*
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Skirts, dresses, dress shirts, and fancy shoes~ Also my new outfits which consist of tank tops and crop tops.
:bulletred: Finnick: Designated uniforms and some casual things I suppose.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Dresses and my custom coat, also sometimes nothing if the moment is perfect and my husband is in the mood.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: *returns in a baggy t-shirt and jeans* I dress my self in fine ass bitch Lolita dresses when I'm feeling fab as fuck and then when I don't give a fuck I throw on a ratty ass shirt and jeans. That what you wanna here? *sits back down and ruffles her hair*

23. What's one food that tempts you?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: my husband makes wonderful sweets, though I'm not a fan of sugar but my husband knows how to balance out the sugar with a little salt. The best thing he's made for me though was this brownie with caramel and salt and pretzel bits when I was pregnant with Lilith...I was wanting salt but also sugar...and pretzels...
:bulletpink: Cassidy: I love candy, but food-food I love hamburgers with double the cheese and double the pickles. 
:bulletred: Finnick: My guilty food is chocolate, I want it quite a bit as my home does not work with chocolate, just sugar.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Anything Roexn always tastes so good when he makes it, my housewife husband *she snickers*
:bulletorange: Hiromi: I love politicians, they taste so good, like a mixture of bitterness and embezzled fat ass.

 24: Am I annoying you?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: To be honest, yes but don't take it personal, I'm on a time crunch it's my turn to pick the kids up from school.
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Pfffffft, No! You're a potential friend!
:bulletred: Finnick: Very much so.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: I'm not really sure, quite possible you are being annoying but I'm not sure yet.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Fuck yeah you are, you should fuck off so I can go eat.

25. Well, it's still not over!

:bulletgreen: Nanashi:...I have to pick my kids up soon...
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Awesome!
:bulletred: Finnick: *frowns* Great...
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Oh, ok?
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Fuuuuuuccccck.

26. What class are you? (low class, middle class, high class)?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi:...Middle to High? My husband and I both have good paying job and we own the place of employment...
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Ahhhh....Middle? I'm not sure if my society has classes...
:bulletred: Finnick: High class, I come from good genetics and a wealthy family. *smirks at Cassidy*
:bulletblue: Ximawari: I get paid well for a nursing High?
:bulletorange: Hiromi: I came from a high class life but I have to live in a shitty low class apartment.

27. How many friends do you have?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: family is pretty introverted though I do have good friends. *smiles lightly*
:bulletpink: Cassidy: I have plenty! Some may be imaginary though! *excited grin*
:bulletred: Finnick: I don't have many *frowns*
:bulletblue: Ximawari: The order is all of my closet friends and family *smiling* 
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Not really...I guess? I don't need them.

28. What are your thoughts on pie?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Mince meat pie is good, dessert pies are ok I guess?
:bulletpink: Cassidy: I love all pies! They taste so good, and I make some pretty tasty ones too!
:bulletred: Finnick: Pie...?
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Roexn makes a wonderful cherry pie...
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Fucking gross, why even ask that?

30. Favorite drink?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Tea and Milk...they're very good mixed as well.
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Soda! It's so bubbly and fizzy~
:bulletred: Finnick: Water.
:bulletblue: Ximawari: Tea and Coffee~
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Coffee is the best thing on this fucking planet to drink.

31. What's your favorite place?

:bulletgreen: Nanashi: Any where is fine as long as I am with my family...*grins*
:bulletpink: Cassidy: Uuuhhhhh...I love Outer space, I wish I could live there with out dying!
:bulletred: Finnick: No where in particular...
:bulletblue: Ximawari: The castle, I love it there as my family is there.
:bulletorange: Hiromi: Any where but my shitty ass apartment.

32. Are you interested in anyone~?

[Bullet; Green] Nanashi: No, I have my husband, he has all of me, I would never be unfaithful.
[Bullet; Pink] Cassidy: My eyes are on my boyfriend and his fine assets...meaning...everything about him is amazing...especially the private bits.
[Bullet; Red] Finnick: is a girl I like...kinda...I think *flushes*
[Bullet; Blue] Ximawari: No, my husband is my my everything...
[Bullet; Orange] Hiromi: There is someone, he's a stupid dickhead fuck nugget who tells stupid jokes and is more interested in getting into my panties...*blushing cutely* But...he's also very nice I guess...

33. If you're a girl, what's your cup size? If you're a guy, how big are you?

[Bullet; Green] Nanashi: B *embarassed*
[Bullet; Pink] Cassidy: B~ And they're very squishy
[Bullet; Red] Finnick: *looks a crotch confused* Uhhhhh....Big enough to please a woman?
[Bullet; Blue] Ximawari: B-B...*embarassed*
[Bullet; Orange] Hiromi: Big enough to make all these bitches cry....*crosses arms hiding the fact they're just Bs*

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

[Bullet; Green] Nanashi: Either works for me~! Both are very fun!
[Bullet; Pink] Cassidy: All of the water! It's amazing I can swim anywhere
[Bullet; Red] Finnick: A bath tub. The oceans and lakes of the world are so polluted.
[Bullet; Blue] Ximawari: Anywhere is fine...
[Bullet; Orange] Hiromi: I guess the ocean, it's pretty and the salt is exfoliating for my skin so I prefer the ocean.

35. What's your type?

[Bullet; Green] Nanashi:...Nero?
[Bullet; Pink] Cassidy: A nice guy with a good heart and caring personality...who can put up with me.
[Bullet; Red] Finnick: I cute girl who is ok with who I am.
[Bullet; Blue] Ximawari: Roexn.
[Bullet; Orange] Hiromi: A guy who will let me be me and accept me; hold me close and tell me how much he loves me and takes care of me and won't judge me for who I am...and he has to be easy on the eyes but also good in bed.

36. Any fetishes?

[Bullet; Green] Nanashi: A-A-Ahhhaa? Why wou-would you ask such a personal question!? *hides fetish notebook*
[Bullet; Pink] Cassidy: I've been enthralled with the Idea of tentacles coming into play but neither of use is a tentacle monster.
[Bullet; Red] Finnick: *turns bright red and hides face*
[Bullet; Blue] Ximawari: I like it rough and satisfactory for both myself and Roexn...also I enjoy sex in strange couches or kitchens...
[Bullet; Orange] Hiromi: I'm not really sure, I mean I've had sex....? *lying*

37. Seme or uke

[Bullet; Green] Nanashi: I like to be the Seme every once in a while...but normally Uke.
[Bullet; Pink] Cassidy: Seme...I like to be dominated and in control but...Shiloh makes me an Uke...he's good...
[Bullet; Red] Finnick: *bright red and quiet*
[Bullet; Blue] Ximawari: Uke, Roexn likes being on top...but sometimes I'm on top calling the shots but I'm still the Uke...
[Bullet; Orange] Hiromi: You're a fucking perv...*flushes* Uke...

38. Camping or indoors?

[Bullet; Green] Nanashi: Camping! But Nero likes the indoors!
[Bullet; Pink] Cassidy: Both I am ok with~
[Bullet; Red] Finnick: Indoors, please nothing outside.
[Bullet; Blue] Ximawari: I'm not really sure...I'm not much of a camping person but I like the outdoors.
[Bullet; Orange] Hiromi: Indoors, keep that nasty ass nature away from me.


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firewyrm2018 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ok! I won't then.
EpicMickeyX Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you for asking ouo
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Thanks for the fave~! :D
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Your welcome!
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